The Best Lighted Nocks For Dusk to Dawn Bowhunting 2019

A bundle of lighted archery nocks

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best lighted nocks, then the TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Nocks is the best one.

Whether you have a preference for hunting hogs, coyotes, or good old whitetail deer, one common theme that keeps repeating itself is that a much higher number of wild game become available from dusk to dawn compared to broad daylight.

Due to the low-light conditions around those ungodly hours, many types of wild game emerge from the hiding places to feed and stroll around with the expectation of little interference from humans.

As such, this is one of the best times to hunt. The only downside is that finding arrows after shooting can be extremely difficult due to the low visibility.

This is why lighted nocks have become so critical.

In fact, the use of lighted nocks can make bowhunting unbelievably stress-free.

The only problem is finding the right nocks.

Well, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive lighted nocks reviews available online below to enhance your ability to make a firm and insightful choice.

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What is a Lighted Nock?

If you’ve just started bowhunting, it is only normal to come across new accessories that you previously had no idea about.

A lighted nock is simply an accessory that can be inserted at the rear end of an arrow to ensure easy tracking after shooting. These devices are engineered with LED lights that automatically turn on immediately an arrow is fired.

Why Should You Purchase Lighted Nocks?

There are several reasons why bowhunters are finding lighted nocks indispensable parts of their hunting arsenal especially among those that hunt under low-light conditions.

Lighted nocks can also make arrows visible for quick and easy spotting when hunting in the middle of the day under the bright scorching sunlight.

Additionally, lighted nocks help archers identify the exact spots their arrows land on the bodies of a wounded animal such as deer or turkey.

The use of standard nocks with no lighting can make arrow location extremely difficult and frustrating. Remember, this is what led to the introduction of lighted nocks on the market in the first place.

There are several instances when animals get hit even when the hunter fails to get a clean shot. Often, the wounded game may run several yards before it finally succumbs to its injuries.

The use of the right lighted nocks helps enhance quick game retrieval, especially during hunting at dusk when visibility can be a significant issue.

Additionally, the integration of lighted nocks makes it easy for arrows to fit on bowstrings. This enhances the overall accuracy, giving you more edge over other hunters.


Can Lighted Nocks Be Used Legally?

Lighted nocks are legal in most jurisdictions in the United States. However, different places have different hunting regulations. This makes it important to crosscheck for legality before integrating them into your bow setup.

You really don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, do you?

What is The Best Lighted Nocks Color to Choose?

Visibility and color work hand in hand which means the color you choose can make a huge difference in getting maximum value for your money after investing in one of these devices.

The most popular lighted nock colors are Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.

The chosen color should depend on the prevailing conditions in your hunting environment.

However, make sure any color you’re opting for will end up standing out in the specific hunting environment to provide easy visibility and retrieval of arrows.

For instance, many hunters say Yellow lighted nocks provide minimal visibility due to their tendency to clash with other colors in most hunting environments. Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from them.

Also, Green and Blue should only be used in environments where they are uncommon.

On the flip side, Pink colored lighted nocks have been hailed as one of the best options by hunters thanks to the ability to contrast easily with most typical hunting environments and make arrows more visible.

Red has been touted as one of the best colors for lighted nocks especially during early season deer hunts and elk hunting in middle autumn. They’re equally effective for turkey hunts throughout the spring.

We recommend that you always try to choose Red if possible.

What Are the Most Popular Lighted Nocks Brands?

There are thousands of lighted nock brands on the market. However, only a few have developed models that stand out from the rest.

Carbon Express, Nokturnal, Lumenock, and Clean Shot Archery are a few of the reputable brands with models trusted by scores of bowhunters across North America.

How Much Should You Spend on Lighted Nocks?

A wide range of factors goes into the pricing for lighted nocks. Prices typically range from $10 to $30 depending on the brand name and features as well as the quality of the build and where they’re ordered from.

How to Choose the Best Lighted Nocks

It is important to purchase the best lighted nocks compatible with your arrows and in line with the concluded budget. Here are the critical considerations to make in order to find the best ones for your needs.


The first factor to consider during the search is determining the amount of money you’re comfortable spending on these specialized nocks.

Buying the most expensive model doesn’t always translate to getting value for money so it is important to crosscheck its features and functionality to ensure it meets your individual hunting preferences and needs.

Ease of Use

There’s little sense investing in the most sophisticated lighted nocks in the world if you’re unable to operate it.

When shopping in an archery store, take some time to try your hands on each of the models which catch your attention. Then, choose one that you find easy to use in order to help boost the ability to hit target prey to maximum effect.

The lighting should turn on automatically and allow the ability for quick turn offs via a specialized built-in switch.

Also, avoid models with magnets or any magnetic parts as those tend to cause lots of headaches down the line.


The best lighted nocks should be reliable. Period.

This simply means the lighting should turn on automatically with every single shot.

Additionally, it should be durably constructed with minimal parts to prevent the risk of mechanical failure.

Those with waterproof and shock-proof features should be targeted as they tend to last longer and work well in all weather conditions.


The brightness of any preferred lighted nock should be just perfect.

If it ends up being too bright, the LED light could spook target game to run for their lives arrows are pointed at them.

Choose a nock that is too dim and the arrow retrieval becomes a problem especially during bright daylight hunting under the sun.


The best lighted nocks on the market are designed with a weight that is pushed towards the center of the arrow to prevent interruption in its flight path while promoting enhanced accuracy.

Also, make sure the arrow achieves the right balance after setting up the nocks to ensure no issues with trajectory and direction.

Instruction Manual

Unless you’re a Pro or have lots of experience in the installation of lighted nocks, it is always advisable to choose models with comprehensive instruction manuals. This can ensure the correct installation for optimum performance.

Type Of Bow

What type of bow do you own? This is another important consideration when shopping for lighted nocks. Remember, while some models are specifically designed for use with crossbows, others are more compound-bow oriented.

Hence, it is important to choose a suitable lighted nock for your bow type in order to achieve maximum performance.

TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Nock

The TenPoint Crossbows Universal Light Crossbow Arrow Nock is one of the best lighted nocks money can buy right now. Known as the Omni-Brite 2.0 Lighted Nock System, this model is a substantial improvement on the original Omni-Brite.

TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nock System 2.0 (3 Pack) (HEA-368.3)

This nock delivers superior levels of visibility in arrow flight while enhancing the overall speed and accuracy of the flight in addition.

The package ships with everything a serious bowhunter ever needs including a newly designed nock receiver with integrated locking clips and an LED lite stick that only gets activated upon impact with targets.

This ensures that the improper loading accidents common in the moon and capture nocks are not experienced in this model.

If you’re looking for the perfect lighted nocks that allow customized arrows for effective tracking and monitoring of arrow speed under low light conditions after shooting, the TenPoint Crossbows Omini-Brite 2.0 system is a must-have.

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Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks 

This is another popular lighted nock model taking the bowhunting industry by storm.

Nockturnal GT Lighted Nock for Gold Tip Arrows with .246 Inside Diameter - Green - 3 Pack

The Nokturnal-GT Lighted Nocks are easy to insert in arrows. In fact, most beginners say it takes approximately 5 minutes for them to get this done.

One of the huge innovations integrated into this model is the fact that they can get activated without relying on the contact points found at the edge of the nocks.

They’re extremely reliable and efficient so you’ll never have to worry about a malfunction in the middle of hunting sessions.

In addition, turning them off after shooting targets is quite easy.

Even though these nocks weigh about 20 grains, the flight path and speed stays the same as standard nocks, without any interference whatsoever on the ability of the arrows to reach targets.

On the flip side, while these may not be the most conspicuous lighted nocks on the market, they are quite visible from a distance of about 50 yards.

Therefore, retrieving arrows you’ve shot should never be a problem.

The Nokturnal-GT Lighted Nocks are perfect if you’re looking for top quality lighted nocks that can make bowhunting much easier especially during dusk to dawn hunting.

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aokur Automatic Led Lighted Nock 

The aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock is designed to fit any shafts of diameter measuring 6.2mm. Unlike the other models we’ve reviewed, these nocks are strictly engineered for crossbows and not compound bows.

aokur 6PCS 6.2mm Automatic Led Lighted Nock Compound Bow Arrow Nock for Hunting Shooting

They come with superior construction to ensure consistent performance when you need them most.

In fact, they’re able to survive the hardest hits thanks to their built-in ruggedness.

The green color is immediately turned on once you make a shot and its uniqueness means spotting them in the woods deep at night becomes easy.

This makes arrow tracking and retrieval very straight forward.

The non-replaceable battery is strong and has a runtime of 24-48 hours. Immediately after arrow retrieval, the light can be swiftly turned off by pushing back the activator switch found inside the nock.

The aokur Automatic LED Lighted Nock is the perfect model for crossbow hunters who desire highly functional lighted nocks for easy arrow retrieval and tracking of any hit game.

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Nockturnal Fit Red & Green Lighted Nocks

These red and green lighted nocks can make your arrows a sight to behold while bowhunting under the cover of darkness.

Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Strobing Red & Green Lighted Arrow Archery Nocks, 3 Pack

The Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Strobing is a 3-pack bundle of fantastic nocks enhanced with LED lighting to promote hunting at non-daylight hours.

They are some of the most durable options out there thanks to the rugged polycarbonate construction as well as shock resistance and excellent waterproof capabilities.

Additionally, these lighted nocks are versatile and designed to fit arrows from the GT, H, S, and X series.

The Universal Size Strobing takes your efficiency to unimaginable heights whenever you hunt under the cover of darkness. It also improves precision and makes it easy to retrieve arrows after shooting.

Light activation is easy due to the presence of a linear switch that is activated in real-time immediately the arrow is released from a bowstring.

Ordering the Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Strobing is a no-brainer for hunters that desire strong and versatile lighted nocks which are compatible with a wide range of arrows.

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Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Lighted Nock

The Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD is a tried and tested lighted nock bundle designed to make the lives of crossbow hunters easy during hunting in low-light conditions.

Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Crossbolt Nock Green 3Pk

It comes with a solid construction that is proven to survive through repeat usage in some of the toughest terrains around the world. Making adjustments for insertion is easy and turns on and off without problems.

The LAUNCHPAD is quite heavy at 27 grains compared to standard nocks that weigh less than half of that. However, it generates little to no effect on bolt flight speed as well as trajectory and accuracy.

Carbon Express is renowned for standing by its products. This is reflected in the manufacturer’s purchase guarantee which provides replacements for factory defects and other issues without asking any questions.

If you’re looking for the best crossbow lighted nocks from a reputable brand that provides excellent illumination in the wild, the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD should be top of your list.

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Nockturnal-H Lighted Nocks 

This is another product from the Nokturnal range of efficient lighted nocks. They guarantee that you’ll never have to lose another arrow during dusk shooting.

Nockturnal-H Lighted Nock for Arrows with .233 Inside Diameter Including Easton and Carbon Express Brands - RED 3-Pack

The Nokturnal-H Lighted Nocks provide high illumination powered by long-lasting lithium batteries that provide over 20 hours of battery life. This makes it perfect for shooting at dusk.

They’re powered by a pistol-driven Contact Switch System that guarantees LED lighting every time you shoot arrows fitted with these nocks.

These lighted nocks are easy to use and require absolutely no form of assembly once the package arrives in the mail. Just insert it on the arrow and you’re good to go.

The Nokturnal-H is crafted to fit arrows with an internal diameter of .233 inches which makes it compatible with a wide range of arrows from reputable brands including Easton and Carbon Express.

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Letszhu Lighted Nocks

The Letszhu Lighted Nocks is a bunch of high-quality arrow nocks compatible with carbon and aluminum arrows measuring 6.20mm and 0.244 inches.

Letszhu Lighted Nocks, Automatically LED Archery Arrows Nock 6.20mm/.244” Inside Diameter Illuminated Lighted Archery Nocks for Hunting Shooting (White Pack of 5)

These lighted arrow nocks are powered by durable lithium batteries that can last up to 48 hours. They simply make tracking and retrieval of arrows stress-free regardless of what time of day it is.

The Letszhu nocks are extremely convenient thanks to the built-in lighting mechanism that automatically turns on immediately the arrow is fired. The lighting can be conveniently switched off once the arrow is retrieved after shooting.

The LED illumination is reliable and gets switched on every time without fail thanks to the built-in Piston-Driven Contact Switch. Additionally, it comes with industry-leading waterproof and shock resistance technology to enhance all-weather usage.

The package ships with 5 lighted nocks in 5 different colors.

The Letszhu Lighted Nocks can be a smart purchase if you’re looking for lighted nocks of terrific value.

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Final Thoughts

The TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Nock is hailed as one of the best lighted nocks on the market without a doubt.

While we’ve reviewed some equally outstanding rival products here, we strongly believe none of them matches up to this one in terms of the build quality, pricing, and of course brand reputation.

TenPoint Crossbows is a renowned giant in the archery industry and we’re proud to say that this lighted nock is yet another testimony to the brand.


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