Best Youth Crossbow 2019

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best youth crossbow, then the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is the best one.

If your kid is showing an interest in archery, getting him a crossbow can be a great way to develop the necessary skills.

However, how do you determine the right crossbow for him in the first place? Well, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Choose the Best Youth Crossbow

Looking for the best youth crossbow for your child, pre-teen, or full-blown teenager? Firstly, you should know that crossbows are not all the same.

Therefore, it is important to choose a model specifically designed to be handled by younger archers.

However, finding youth crossbows can be quite difficult mainly due to the fact that most manufacturers build their bows with grownups in mind.

Can Your Child Handle A Crossbow Safely?

Before shelling out hundreds of Dollars or more on any crossbow, it is important to ask yourself if your child has what it takes to handle the responsibility of using such a weapon.

Also, you should debate whether your teen son or daughter is ready to undertake maintenance activities such as waxing of the string after every couple of shots.

Once you clear up these doubts from your mind, you’re ready to start shopping for your child’s first crossbow.


Can you hunt with crossbows legally where you live? Has your child or teen reached the legal age to shoot?

These are a few of the vital questions you need to seek answers to during your quest to uncover a top youth crossbow for your kid.

The next step is to teach your child the right skills in order to shoot safely if you’re an experienced bow hunter. If not, finding a skilled archer to train your kid can be a great way to get his or her feet wet in the archery world.


What is the point of getting the most advanced crossbow model in the world if it is too heavy for your teen to handle comfortably?

Like it or not, overall weight is one of the most important factors to consider in a prospective youth crossbow.

The best way to gauge the right weight for your child is to test him with varying objects at home to see which weight range he’s comfortable to handle.


Like other weapons, crossbows should be treated with care regardless of who’s handling it. It is important to make sure that any prospective model can be used by your kid without the risk of injury to him or others.

Thankfully, a glance through our youth crossbow reviews uncovers world-class safety technologies including Anti-Dry Fire Safety and Automatic Safety. The features guarantee that incidents such as accidental trigger pulling are effectively eliminated.

As long as you find a model featuring the right safety systems manufactured from quality components, your kid is ready to undertake his first crossbow hunting.


Even if you have an unlimited budget, splashing out $1,000 on a youth crossbow may not be the smartest decision.

Since this is likely your kid’s first-time bow hunting, it is important to focus on a crossbow that is fairly basic so he or she can learn the nuances of archery before getting a more sophisticated model later.

Also, don’t forget that kids get bored easily and yours may decide to move on to another recreational activity they find more interesting after just one or two archery sessions.


What is the main reason for buying a youth crossbow? It is important to ask yourself this question before you start your crossbow search.

Are you looking to order a crossbow purely for practice or hunting? If you plan to teach your teen to hunt, you should know the type and size of animal you’d prefer to target as well as the amount of distance you intend to be making shots from.

Generally, youth crossbows designed for hunting are typically more sophisticated than those built purely for leisure shooting.

Compound vs Recurve Crossbows

What type of crossbow is best for kids? Compound crossbows are by default easier for teens and beginners to shoot because of the simple design as well as increased shooting speeds.

The fact that they’re relatively more compact and lightweight makes them easier to use and carry through long distances.

The only downside is that compound crossbows usually comprise of multiple moving cables and pulleys which can make them more susceptible to several issues.

Recurve crossbows, on the other hand, come with fairly basic designs thanks to the absence of moving cables and pulleys.

Therefore, they offer higher levels of reliability.

Unfortunately, Recurves are usually less compact and carry more overall weight. Shooting speeds are also relatively slow when compared with compound crossbows.

Cocking Mechanism/Draw Weight

Draw Weight is defined as how much strength is required to pull the string in your crossbow before shooting.

Since most teens and kids are not as strong as grownups, draw weight cannot be ignored when searching for the best crossbows for teens.

The draw weight of most models on the market may be beyond the reach of teens strength wise but there are several technologies known as cocking devices which can help reduce the strength required to cock these bows.

Every youth crossbows on the market today come with one type of rope cocking device or another by default.

But it is always a great idea to double check so you can be certain before purchase.


A great crossbow for youth should be easy to assemble even for kids and complete rookies. Many of the models featured in our reviews above ship largely pre-assembled so only a few touches are required to start shooting.

Kinetic Energy in Foot Pounds (FPKE)

This is essentially the amount of power carried by an arrow once shot. Without kinetic energy, even if your bolt hits an animal successfully, penetrating the body to knock it down becomes almost impossible.

The arrow will just end up brushing your prey’s skin which can only cause minimal damage if any at all.

How much FPKE is required will depend on the size of game you intend to hunt. Obviously, larger animals will require your arrow to pack a high amount of kinetic energy in order to successfully make a kill even if you hit the target successfully.

Barnett Recruit Crossbow

Just as the name suggests, the Barnett Recruit Youth Crossbow is specially designed for teens, beginners, and intermediate crossbow hunters.

Barnett Recruit Recurve

Weighing only 6.5 pounds, this youth crossbow is engineered to shoot a 400-grain arrow at 256FPS with a kinetic energy of 58 ft-lbs.

This youth crossbow ships with a rope cocking device which makes cocking a breeze in spite of the integrated 100-pound draw weight.

Therefore, you don’t have to be the strongest person in the world to shoot this crossbow.

The compact design as well as the quality of components makes it very easy to use and carry around. Additionally, it is extremely stable and comfortable even for teens who’ve just been introduced into archery.

The overall lightweight design means you’ll have no issues carrying it around for several hours whether you’re practicing at a shooting range or hunting prey in the field.

Get the Barnett Recruit Crossbow now if you’re looking for an affordable model with top-level quality for your child.

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CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is one of the best youth crossbows ever built in terms of performance and overall finish.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package, Camouflage

Current owners have reported being able to hit their targets with distinction from 40-50 yards out and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do same.

With shooting speeds of up to 370 FPS, draw weight of 185 pounds, and a power stroke of 13.5 inches, this is a beast in the youth crossbow industry.

In fact, the sheer power it packs means it’s not uncommon for your bolts to hit the target, pierce through its body, and come out to land elsewhere.

The automatic safety system integrated into this model protects you and others from accidental shots as well as dry fires which could end up damaging this crossbow or causing serious injury to the shooter and others.

The only downside is that this isn’t the easiest crossbow to set up for a beginner but most hunters eventually figure it out after a few tries.

If you’re looking for a powerful youth crossbow, the Centerpoint Sniper 370 will be a great purchase.

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Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

This youth crossbow has become a favorite among beginner archers and teens from all walks of life.

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow, 330 FPS

With an affordable price tag and ease of use, why would anyone pass up on this model?

The Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow makes hitting target after target easy thanks to the 330 feet FPS velocity as well as 140 lbs Kinetic Energy.

It features an exceptional safety and anti-dry fire mechanism which can be lifesaving for teens and inexperienced archers.

You wouldn’t want your precious teenage son or daughter to get injured and be scared of archery for life, would you?

Thanks to the ease of assembly and detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer, this model can be a great way for beginners to learn how to assemble their first crossbow.

In fact, many beginners have reported successfully assembling this youth crossbow in less than 30 minutes.

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Parker Bushwacker Crossbow 

The Parker Bushwacker is engineered to be ultra-lightweight without compromising on power.

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Pkg, 4x MR Scope

The fact that it weighs only 7 pounds means your teen should have no problem handling it.

It becomes abundantly clear once you take a few shots that this is one of the most powerful youth crossbows available today.

This makes it suitable for teens and beginner archery enthusiasts.

Additionally, this crossbow generates plenty of knockdown power for Whitetail Deer and similarly sized animals.

Some hunters may find the price tag a bit on the higher side. However, the quality of components, as well as its superior shooting accuracy, makes it a worthy purchase.

The Parker Bushwacker is the right choice if you’re looking for a youth crossbow model which shoots so accurate that it is actually harder to miss.

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TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger

The TenPoint Wicked Ridge is perfect for petite archers such as teenagers and women thanks to its specially designed length of pull, compact size, and physical weight.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Ranger Crossbow Package with ACU-52 Cocking Mechanism

Featuring a built-in self-refracting rope-cocking system and 250-pound draw weight, cocking this bow is very simple.

Also, the 5.9-pound overall weight makes it easy to carry for archers of all ages and sizes.

With shooting speeds of 300 FPS and multiple sophisticated built-in automatic safety features, you can’t go wrong.

Shooting this youth crossbow is straightforward and ships with a 3x multi-line scope.

The only downside is that it is a bit costly when compared with others reviewed here.

If money is no object and you’re serious about finding an easy-to-cock youth crossbow, the TenPoint Wicked Ridge can be a great purchase.

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SA Sports Fever Pro Crossbow 

This youth crossbow packs all the top-notch features and accessories typical of expensive models out there.

SA Sports Empire Fever Pro Recurve Crossbow Package, Kryptek Camo, 175 Pound Draw | 235 Feet per Second

Weighing only 4.8 pounds with shooting speeds of 240FPS, this is a decent entry-level crossbow.

The fact that it is also affordable is another reason why many beginner bow hunters find it so attractive to buy.

The rope cocking device promotes efficient firing of your arrows to enhance accuracy and take your hunting success to impressive levels.

It is efficient for hunting all kinds of animals and the fact that it ships with a 4×32 scope means your chances of success improves tremendously even if you’re only a beginner in archery.

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow is the go-to model if you’re looking for a decent entry-level youth crossbow with a bunch of impressive features.

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iGlow 150 Pounds Hunting Crossbow

This youth crossbow is designed with the needs of youth hunters in mind.

The 220FPS shooting velocity and 150-pound draw weight is quite decent and gives you the ability to hit targets from 20-25 yards with dead-on accuracy.

150 lb Wood Hunting Crossbow Bow +4x32 Scope +14 Arrows +Quiver +3 Broadheads +Rope Cocking Device +Stringer 180 80 lbs

The iGlow 150 Pounds Hunting Crossbow features an impressively polished Black Aluminum stock and exceptional performance fiberglass limb.

Packing an automatic trigger safety system, dry fires, and shooting accidents are eliminated.

You get to choose from an incredible 10 design patterns including Desert Camouflage and Black Aluminum.

In addition, each purchase comes with a rope cocking device, 7 arrows, and 4×20 scope so you can start practicing right out of the box.

The iGlow 150 Pounds Hunting Crossbow is the perfect option for anyone looking for a decent low-budget youth crossbow.

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Final Thoughts

The Barnett Recruit Crossbow stands out as the best youth crossbow money can buy right now.

With great shooting speeds, lightweight design, and excellent accuracy, this model can serve your kids well for many years until they obtain the necessary skills to be able to thrive on a more sophisticated crossbow.

The fact that you can purchase it without breaking the bank is another huge advantage.



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