Best Target Arrows For Compound Bows 2019

A bundle of purple colored compound bow target arrows

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best target arrows for compound bow, then the Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Arrows is the best one.

Target arrows can vary significantly from those designed primarily for hunting.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced bowhunter, shopping for target arrows can be uncharted territory.

Essentially, this means detailed research will have to be conducted to help you make the right choice.

The good news is that our comprehensive buying guide below contains every bit of info you need to find the right compound bow target arrows to meet your personal needs.

Additionally, we’ve uncovered the top target arrows available for sale today as well as comprehensive reviews of what each model has to offer.

Just stay tuned and hopefully, we can help you choose the best compound bow target arrows within the next couple of minutes.

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How to Select the Best Target Arrows for Compound Bow

Target arrows often come with different characteristics compared to the other types of arrows.

Therefore, finding the right model can be quite difficult especially for newly-minted archers.


That being said, there are loads of tips that can be followed to guarantee the chances of success during the shopping process.

Here are the most critical pointers to consider before ordering.

Calculate Your Draw Length

Most intermediates and expert archers have a pretty good idea of their personal draw lengths. However, the same cannot be said for the majority of rookies.

Draw Length can be calculated by standing straight with each of your arms stretched out naturally and palms projected to face forward.

The next step is to allow a 3rd party to measure the length of the tip of one middle finger to the other.

Whatever number you get should be divided by 2.5 to get your correct draw length.

Alternatively, you can pay a visit to a nearby archery shop to get your personal draw length measured.

Select Arrow Length

What is the best arrow length for optimum results when shooting with a compound bow? This used to be one of the main problems faced by archers in the past.

However, technology has proven that the best arrow length for every archer is the person’s draw length + 0.5 to 1 inch.

For instance, an archer with a draw length of 29 inches should buy compound bow target arrows measuring no more than 30 inches lengthwise.

Arrow Weight

Arrow weight is another critical metric to take note of when shopping for compound bow arrows.

Remember, compound bow target arrows can be significantly different from hunting arrows in terms of weight.

Target arrows for practice should range from 5 to 6 grain per pound of draw weight. So for a bow of draw weight measuring 60 lbs, arrows weighing a maximum of 360 grains should be sought.

Anything heavier and you risk jeopardizing the arrow speed.

On the other hand, hunting arrows should come with weights ranging from 6 to 8 grain per pound of draw weight. Therefore, a 50 lb compound bow should feature arrows with weights ranging from 300 to 400 grains.

Please keep in mind that regardless of the underlying purpose, you should never purchase arrows weighing less than 5 grain per pound of draw weight as these ultra-light arrows can lead to severe consequences including significant damage to your bow.

Also, you should know that going slightly off-course with the figures above should cause little to zero problems as long as the arrow meets the previously underlined weight of 5 to 8 grain per pound of draw weight.

Arrow Spine

Arrow spine is another important metric to consider when shopping for the best target arrows for compound bows. It is defined as the stiffness of an arrow.

Target arrows for compound bows typically require blistering speeds which means arrow spine should be spot-on for maximum effect.


The weather should also be taken into account when shopping for target arrows if you intend to shoot in an outdoor environment.

Skinny arrows are less exposed to harsh weather elements due to their minimalist designs.

Therefore, crosswinds, rain, and other elements get little to no impact on them, ensuring that you’re able to practice optimally without any interference.


Target arrows with low-profile vanes are recommended over large-feathered rivals for backyard shooting or target practice outdoors.

Low-profile vanes deliver more speed during a flight to ensure crosswinds have little to no impact on them.

On the other hand, sizable vanes can cause more drag through the air, lowering the speed of the vane, and resulting in more steering control.

Component Material

The best target arrows for compound bows are manufactured from carbon. These arrows are noted for their world-class durability which means they stay in shape even after making contact with the hardest targets.

In the absence of carbon, there are equally great aluminum target arrows that can get the job done.


Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Arrows

The Carbon Express Maxima Blue RZ is one of the best target arrows for compound bows money can buy at the moment.

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Fletched Carbon Arrows with RED Zone Technology and Blazer Vanes, 150 Spine, 6-Pack

A detailed look at this model’s features and it becomes instantly clear that it can do wonders for your bowhunting or target shooting game.

These arrows provide the industry-leading lightweight speeds reminiscent of the manufacturer’s Blue Streak Select Arrows as well as the on-point broadhead accuracy of the Maxima RED.

Therefore, you get the best of both worlds to the envy of friends and archery rivals.

Manufactured from Carbon Express’ in-house Diamond Weave carbon technology, the innovatively designed carbon shaft features stiffer ends that ensure amazing flight speeds without any adverse effects on accuracy.

If you want maximum kinetic energy, the lightweight nature of these compound bow target arrows makes it an attractive choice.

If you’re on the hunt for superior target arrows for compound bows, the Carbon Express Maxima Blue RZ is a no-brainer.

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Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrows 

These target arrows for compound bows are gaining lots of fans in the archery industry and after a few shots with my bow; it became obvious as to why many bowhunters continually find this model so attractive.

Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow Practice Hunting Arrows with Removable Tips for Compound & Recurve Bow(Pack of 12) (Orange White)

The Tiger Archery 30-inch Carbon Arrows are designed for optimum performance whether you’re going hunting or engaged in shooting practice. They measure 30 inches long with an outer diameter of 0.309 inches.

This model features a solid construction to ensure long-lasting performance even among archers who hunt or practice regularly.

Flights are guaranteed to be straight and in the right direction thanks to the colored plastic fletching.

In addition, the nickel-plated stainless steel tips also come in handy during outdoor shooting practice.

The Tiger Archery 30-inch Carbon Arrows can be a smart purchase if you’re searching for top quality compound bow target arrows on a budget.

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Pointdo Carbon Arrows

The Pointdo 30-inch Carbon Arrows have been tried, tested, and proven to be the real deal when it comes to top-level target arrows.

Pointdo 30inch Carbon Arrow Fluorescence Color Targeting and Hunting Practice Arrows for Recurve and Compound Bow with Removable Tips (Fluorescein Red)

Their stunning physical features literally bring color into hunting and target practice sessions.

Once fired into the woods, locating these arrows literally becomes a piece of cake thanks to the fluorescent green-and-white fletching and shaft design.

These target compound arrows are well-made and compatible with compound bows of all styles. Their extended durability means you can expect to get the best bang for your buck over time.

The package ships 6 bonus nocks at absolutely no cost. These nocks are not glued, ensuring greater adjustability to fit the exact specifications of your compound or recurve bow.

Additionally, it comes with an O-ring for keeping the screw tip under lock.

The Pointdo 30-inch Carbon Arrows can be a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for colored compound bow target arrows with excellent flying speeds and accuracy.

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ANTSIR Fiberglass Target Arrows

The ANTSIR 28-30 Archery Target Arrows continue to attract tons of raving reviews from consumers of all skill levels including expert archers.

ANTSIR 12Pcs/lot Fiberglass Target Arrow 30 inch Adult Archery Hunting Nock Proof Arrow Steel Point 15-40 Lbs for Recuve & Compound Bow

Available in a 12-piece Yellow and White bundle, these arrows are strong and sturdy thanks to the quality of the construction as well as the integration of some of the most potent technologies in the arrow building industry.

The arrows are precise and fly towards intended targets with excellent kinetic energy and speed. This makes them an attractive option for archers who engage in regular target practice for extended periods of time.

Additionally, they feature a host of extras such as colored plastic fletchings and steel tips for optimum results during target practice in the backyard.

Also, they can be safely used by complete beginners as well as children, women, and those with minimal experience.

If you’re looking for the best beginner-friendly target arrows for compound bows, the ANTSIR 28-30 Archery Target Arrows should definitely be high on your list.

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M.A.K Carbon Outdoor Arrows

Looking for a proven bunch of target arrows for compound bows at an attractive price? You’re in luck today.

M.A.K [Targeting Arrows 30-Inch 0.309 inch Outer Diameter Carbon Outdoor Archery Practice Hunting Arrows with Removable Tips for Compound & Recuve Bow(Pack of 12)

The M.A.K Target Arrows are manufactured from pure carbon material of the highest grade to enable precision and guile during target practice sessions.

The quality of the component material means extended durability and long-lasting performance for everyone.

Flights are automatically enhanced to prevent deviation through the integration of plastic fletchings.

The top-level carbon material construction also ensures optimum management of this arrow’s spine to achieve world-class flight travel for broadheads while taking shot accuracy to unimaginable heights.

These arrows are extremely straight thanks to the manufacturer’s attention to detail and commitment to the use of world-class craftsmanship.

In fact, each arrow is checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch prior to shipping to guarantee that consumers end up with only the best.

The M.A.K Target Arrows can be the best choice for archers and would-be archers who desire more accuracy and improved overall performance.

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FlyArchery Archery Carbon Arrows

The FlyArchery Target Carbon Arrows continue to defy the odds by attracting some of the most glowing reviews.

FlyArchery 12Pcs Archery Carbon Arrows 30 Inch Hunting Arrows OD 7.6mm with Screw-in Tips for Compound Bow or Recurve Black and White

The truth is, even the most high-maintenance bowhunters and target shooters seem impressed after shooting these arrows.

They’re designed for compound bows with draw weights ranging from 40-60 lbs and equally optimized for other types of bows including recurve crossbows and longbows.

These compound bow target arrows ship with glued-on nocks which are solid and well-constructed. Additionally, the presence of fletching guides the arrows in the right direction to ensure consistent accuracy.

Also, they’re extremely durable and stay in shape even when you miss targets multiple times.

These arrows are perfect for hunting, practice, or backyard shooting thanks to the infusion of nickel-plated tips.

The package ships with 12 pieces of carbon arrows and 4 pieces of arrow nocks.

The FlyArchery Target Carbon Arrows can provide wonderful results if you’re looking for proven low-budget target arrows for compound bows.

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Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows 

The Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows are a target shooter’s best buddy when precision and speed are non-negotiable.

Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows (Dozen Pack) - 350 Spine (No Points, CUT TO: 30")

These arrows are constructed from premium quality carbon material and are available in lengths ranging from 26-30 inches. This ensures exceptional value for money thanks to the long-lasting effect of these arrows.

The Buck Buster arrows are perfect for target practice on compound bows as a result of their accuracy and speed of flight. They’re equally great for taking down all kinds of wild game including deer, antelopes, and elk.

With an arrow spine of 350, this model is perfect for bows with draw weights hovering between 55-70 lbs.

Keep in mind that all options come with inserts for your shooting pleasure.

If you’re looking for premium target arrows for compound bows, the Victory Buck Buster Carbon Arrows are an attractive choice.

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Final Thoughts

The Carbon Express Maxima Blue RZ Arrows stands out as the number one pick on our list of the best target arrows for compound bows.

It is manufactured with the finest technologies in the arrow industry to ensure consistent performance from every single shot you fire.

Additionally, the lightweight construction means swift arrow flight without sacrificing precision. If you’ve been lacking the right motivation to practice consistently, these arrows can make target practice fun and addictive again.

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