Best Recurve Crossbows 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best recurve crossbow is, then the Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly is the best one.

What is the best recurve crossbows? If you’re here today looking for an answer to this question then you are not alone.

Many archers simply look down upon compound crossbows as the inferior cousin to recurve models.

However, the truth is that it’s not always so Black or White because every detailed comparison of recurve versus compound crossbows reveals several advantages on both sides.

In the end, the best option comes down to your circumstances and preferences as an individual crossbow hunter.  

Top Recurve Crossbows Comparison Table

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The Best Recurve Crossbows Buying Guide

There are hundreds, if not thousands of recurve crossbows available for sale right now. Each one comes with distinct features which can be confusing if you have no clear picture of what you’re looking for.

Without the right level of knowledge and experience, you can easily get overwhelmed. But as long as you take the time to go through this comprehensive guide below, you’ll know exactly what to search for during shopping.

Exciting times with your crossbow awaits you!


The number one reason why many of us go in for recurve crossbows instead of compound crossbows is the relative simplicity of design. As you well know by now, archers experience some of the harshest conditions during hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.

It is therefore critical that your tactical hunting crossbow is as simple as they come so you don’t end up having to battle malfunction and other issues in addition to the tough environmental conditions you may already be facing on the ground.


Who has time to be driving several hundred miles to the nearest city to buy parts and accessories for his or her recurve crossbow on a regular basis? Choosing the right crossbow saves you a lot of headaches especially if you live in a rural area with the nearest city located quite far away.

A quality recurve crossbow also gives great value for money while allowing you to enjoy consistent outdoor hunting activities without much hindrance from malfunction and other issues.

Therefore, always take a good look at the materials used to manufacture each component of your target crossbow.

The rule of thumb is to choose one with metallic parts instead of plastic.

Power and Velocity

Power and velocity are 2 vital features you’d want to have in your arsenal before embarking on any crossbow hunting trip. These two complement each other and can be extremely critical to your chances of success even if you’re a highly skilled hunter.

Power is the main determinant of distance and accuracy of shots during crossbow hunting. Measured in kinetic energy, Power is determined by velocity and the weight of your arrow.

Once an arrow is shot, Kinetic Energy (KE) decreases the longer the arrow stays in flight.

Does this mean you should always choose the most powerful crossbow available? Not necessarily.

It is very important to match your own energy and body size to that of the crossbow’s power, as a very powerful crossbow can require lots of energy to cock especially when it doesn’t come with a built-in cocking device.

In fact, all you need to shoot and kill a deer or similarly sized animal is about 25 foot-pounds of energy so keep that in mind when shopping.


The best crossbows are those you can achieve fast and furious shots with. Period!

Remember, the most powerful shots are those that literally hit prey before they can react to it. Since most crossbows on the market shoot with some degree of noise, speed is always crucial.

Also, you’d want a swift, clean kill to prevent target prey from dragging its feet several miles before it finally gives up and fast shots allow you to achieve just that.

But how do you know the speed of a prospective crossbow before purchase? Well, just take a look at the strength and size of the bolts and that should be a good giveaway of the power in store upon purchase.


Your safety is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a hunting weapon.

Any model worth your cash should come with multiple built-in safety mechanisms as well as comprehensive safety instructions and manuals to prevent accidents and injuries.

Big-name manufacturers in the industry usually offer in-depth safety information so buying one of their models should get you covered. Also, watching multiple manuals and YouTube videos can be quite helpful.


Every hunter knows the importance of using the element of surprise to your advantage against target prey. This means your shots should be as quiet as possible.

In my experience, recurve crossbows designed with parallel limbs are the quietest on the market right now. The only downside is their shooting speeds tend to be a bit limited compared to the others.

Weight and Draw Weight

Crossbow weight is often a bit of a catch-22 for shooters. Lightweight recurve crossbows are more portable and can come in handy if you have to walk long distances during hunting trips.

Unfortunately, they’re usually a bit harder to steady and control during shooting which can affect your ability to hit clean shots. On the other hand, heavy crossbows are easier to handle and usually hit shots more accurately.

The amount of force required to pull the limbs of a bow into a firing position is termed as its draw weight. In essence, the larger the draw weight, the higher the arrow speed.

All skilled bowhunters know that the draw weight and total arrow weight should directly correspond to the size of the target animal.

Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow

Excalibur is back at it again, releasing a top quality recurve crossbow for hunters with the highest demands.

Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow with Lite Stuff Package/Vari-Zone Scope (Draw Weight : 200-Pound), Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Recurve

If you’re tired of shooting mediocre or average crossbows in the past and looking for something that can stand out in terms of functionality, you should definitely take a look at the Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly.

Many industry experts believe this is the best recurve crossbow for seniors thanks to its manageable draw weight which ensures that shooters from all ages experience no problems pulling it.

Excalibur is noted for releasing some of the most accurate crossbows on the market and this particular recurve model doesn’t disappoint in that regard. In fact, you don’t have to be most skilled crossbow hunter to successfully hit some of the smallest wild game from 50-60 yards out.

Once I fired a few shots, it became clear that this crossbow is everything the manufacturer advertises and more.


  • Exceptional shooting accuracy even from several yards out
  • A reliable scope that helps improve your chances of hitting targets consistently
  • Super fast shooting speed
  • Perfect draw weight makes it easy for almost anyone to draw including teens and seniors


  • Doesn’t come already assembled even though the manufacturer gives you a detailed guide to get it done in a couple of minutes
  • Might be out of reach financially for those with low budgets

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Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow

If you’ve been searching for a world-class recurve crossbow to make your hunting trips more rewarding, the Barnett BCR Recurve Crossbow can be a great pick.

Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Package, Large, Black

Armed with a premium Red Dot Scope, your chances of hitting the target improves tremendously even if you’re a rookie bow hunter.

Packing a draw weight of 150 pounds and a smooth trigger pull of 3.5 pounds, you don’t have to be ripped with muscles to be able to shoot from any angle.

The massively innovative anti-dry fire technology keeps all parts of the crossbow in shape by preventing you from accidentally shooting the weapon when an arrow is not in place.

The built-in anti-dry fire trigger also makes sure that the arrow has been seated correctly before the hunter can switch the safety off and finally shoot. This feature alone improves your chances of making that desired great shot by several folds.


  • Great shooting accuracy even under tough circumstances
  • Built-in Anti Vibration Isolation provides a protective barrier to eliminate avoidable nicks and scratches
  • Lower noise and vibration when compared to rival models
  • One of the most user-friendly low-budget recurve crossbows out there


  • The absence of a cocking device can make it usually difficult for non-adult men to cock easily
  • Definitely not the most sophisticated crossbow out there

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Excalibur Matrix 355 Crossbow Package

The Excalibur Matrix 355 is engineered for crossbow hunters who are interested in paying a little more in order to be able to exploit all the advantages of the best Compact Recurve Technology.

Excalibur Matrix 355 Crossbow Package, Realtree Xtra, 240-Pound

Firstly, the Matrix 355 is one of the most compact recurve crossbows out there. This gives you the advantage of being able to aim and shoot comfortably regardless of your surroundings.

The crossbow is also insanely accurate thanks to the wide range of features integrated by the manufacturer. It gives users extra balance while the ease with which anyone is able to cock has made it very popular in the market right now.

The ergo-grip stock makes it easier to handle while the Real-tree Extra Camo design further enhances the hunter’s ability to blend in flawlessly with his or her surroundings.


  • Crazy accurate from 50 yards out and more
  • The lightweight and well-balanced design makes it very portable
  • Outstanding scope with all the bells and whistles available in $2,000 recurve crossbows
  • Simple and easy to use with no adjustments required apart from sighting in the scope


  • Most teens and small-framed folks can have a bit of a hard time cocking it
  • It’s a bit loud even with REDS suppressors

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SAS Honor Recurve Hunting Crossbow 

The SAS Honor is a lightweight recurve crossbow engineered with precision and accuracy for a wide range of on-the-ground situations during hunting or competitive shooting.

SAS Honor 175lbs Recurve Crossbow Red Dot Scope Package (Black)

If you’ve been using heavy-duty crossbows in the past and looking for something lighter, this model might just fit the bill.

One of the most outstanding features of this recurve is its ability to hit very well even from 60-65 yards out.

The fact that it is available at such a generous price makes it more impressive, considering that many expensive rivals flop within such distances.

Unlike other cheap crossbows, the Jaguar also comes with that heavy feel usually found in more expensive options.

The SAS Jaguar has gained a reputation for being one of the best recurve crossbows for beginners. It ships in a package made up of a red dot scope, string installation device, rail/string wax, quiver, and 4 bolts.


  • Shoots very well from distances of 60-65 yards
  • Available at an attractive price
  • Comes with a heavy feel unlike other cheap crossbows which look and feel flimsy


  • Red dot scope fails to fit on the rail unless you add a shim
  • Many seniors and teens find it hard to cock

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Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II Recurve Crossbow

The Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II is one of the top recurve crossbows on the market now. Delivering astonishing power and shooting at blistering speeds of 345 feet per second, this model is quite special.

Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II Precision Recurve Crossbow (225-Pounds)

At 39.5 inches long and 36.2 inches wide, it is not the smallest model out there. It is therefore recommended for big people who have a preference for biggish crossbows.

For a crossbow of its power and speed, the price tag is quite generous and most current owners say they’re very satisfied with their purchase. The fact that it is manufactured from quality components means you can expect it to last for a long time.

The Arrow Precision Wildfire II comes in a package made up of a rope cocker, quick detach quiver, padded sling, stringer cable, and four 20-inch carbon bolts. Additionally, you also get a premium multi-recticle red and green scope to supercharge shooting accuracy.


  • Nice powerful crossbow you can rely on to hit from a fair bit of distance
  • The scope is surprisingly accurate for the price.
  • Reliable in a variety of ground situations
  • Massive shooting speed at 345 feet per second


  • This crossbow is quite loud
  • It is a beast to cock and not for the lighthearted bowhunter

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The Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly is the best recurve crossbow on the market at the moment. A quick look at its components and functionality makes it clear that it is heads and shoulders above its competitors.

This top-rated recurve is manufactured by a trusted name in the archery industry and derived from the finest components. This translates to top-level performance every single time you hit the woods to hunt or shoot for fun.

It may not be the cheapest model reviewed here. But everything it brings to your shooting game makes it worth every dollar.


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