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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best drop-away arrow rest, then the Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest is the best one.

One of the best ways to enjoy archery to the fullest is to add the necessary extras to your bow in order to supercharge the hunter’s skills and take hunting fortunes to unimaginable levels.

Even with the best bow or crossbow in the world, integrating the right arrow rest can be the missing piece to kick-starting the journey towards achieving optimum results every time you hunt or hit the practice range.

Drop away arrow rests are the best types on the market and almost every archer out there seems to agree.

These rests give a good holding place for arrows to ensure you can maintain the necessary composure to draw the bow and release arrows towards designated targets with maximum speed and precision.

Take a look at our comprehensive buyer’s guide below to make a well-informed choice.

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What is A Drop Away Arrow Rest?

Just like its name, drop-away arrow rests keep arrows in place until the hunter makes the draw, at which point it “drops away” to prevent interfering in the flight path of the arrow.

Also known as fall-away arrow rests, they typically come in a “V” shape and this specially designed shape enhances the ability of these arrow rests to achieve maximum performance.

They’re operated by placing the front side of the arrow in the V before drawing the bow. Upon release, the V automatically falls away in time for the arrow to fly in the bowhunter’s intended direction with absolutely no interference.

So, what makes drop away arrow rests stand out when there are several other options out there?

Well, the most outstanding feature of this arrow rests is that no part of the arrow or its fletching makes contact with the rests once fired. This is unlike other types of rests that tend to get in the way of arrows or their fletching after firing of shots.

Even the most skilled archers in the world can experience significant drops in shooting accuracy from interfering arrow rests.

This is why drop-away arrow rests have become so popular. They simply guarantee a straightforward and clear path for arrow travel once shots are fired.


Drawbacks of Drop Away Arrow Rests

Without a doubt, these types of arrow rests are the best-sellers on the market. But that doesn’t make them completely perfect.

Here are a couple of drawbacks commonly experienced by archers while using any of these models.


Some draw away arrow rests tend to experience reliability issues during use. By the nature of their design, premature falling out of arrows from the rest is quite common.

This issue used to be extremely popular in first-generation models that came with the drop-away design.

The good news is that manufacturers are incorporating bars or notches at the top of the rests to guarantee that the arrows stay in place until you’re ready to release them into targets.

This has led to the majority of the current arrow rests on the market today being designed to hold arrows firmly in place whether you’re shooting from a regular position on the ground or from a top tree stand.

Unless you’re shooting from wildly sophisticated angles, the risk of premature arrow drops has become almost non-existent.


The mechanism behind the drop-away arrow rest is extremely laudable and may sound perfect in theory. However, each piece of the puzzle has to work without fail for these arrow rests to fall away just before the arrow is released.

The timing of the drop has to be completely impeccable with absolutely no margin for error.

If the rest falls down too quickly, before the arrow has gained the necessary momentum to fly towards the intended destination, the arrow could fall down prematurely without getting close to its target.

On the other hand, arrow rests that fall down too late to the point where it touches the arrow or its fletching can impede the flight path of the arrow and prevent it from being able to fly well enough to reach the intended target.

Tuning of Arrow Rests

The best way to guarantee the performance of drop away arrow rests is to make sure they’re properly set up. Professionally known as tuning, some of the latest arrow rests come with detailed instruction manuals and comprehensive videos to help you tune them properly.

If you’re still struggling to set it up as a beginner, seeking the help of a professional can be a smart decision that can reward you handsomely down the line.

Ripcord “Code Red” Fall Away Arrow Rest

The Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest is a top drop away arrow rest that can take your compound bow shooting experience and accuracy to unimaginable levels.

Ripcord "Code Red

They’re engineered to ensure maximum power and accuracy of every arrow that leaves your bow.

It is manufactured in the United States from premium-grade aluminum so its durability has been long established.

This arrow rest is easy to install and doesn’t require years of compound bow shooting experience to be able to do it successfully.

Setting up this model on your bow guarantees 360-degree arrow containment thanks to the inclusion of a specialized containment arm by Ripcord Technologies.

Additionally, this drop away arrow rest comes with multiple features to guarantee extreme versatility. For instance, the launcher can be locked into position manually for swift disengagement at full draw.

This ensures that the arrow is completely cleared right before a shot is made to eliminate any form of interference.

The Ripcord Code Red is a no-brainer if you’re looking for the best drop away arrow rest with ultra-swift fall away time for top-notch accuracy without compromising on arrow clearance.

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Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

This drop away rest has everything a die-hard bowhunter needs to maintain an edge over target prey.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand

The Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX comes in a modern design with sleek finishing that guarantees exceptional compatibility and performance whether you’re hunting with a compound bow in the wild or target shooting in the woods.

It is the perfect option for hunters that demand nothing less than the best and features all the bells and whistles found at the higher-end of the market.

The Ultra-Rest HDX is embedded with Harmonic Dampener Technology which complements the injection molded rubber thumbwheel to ensure minimal peak vibration of shots.

This guarantees the ability to shoot as many arrows as possible with minimal noise in order to catch targets by surprise. This feature alone can see your number of hunting kills go through the roof.

The Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX should be top of your list if you’re looking for a premium drop away arrow rest with stunning features and functionality.

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TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The TRUGLO Down-Draft Drop-Away Arrow Rest is engineered in an innovative design that offers excellent performance. The fact that it has no requirement for a Bow Press makes installation snappy and stress-free.

TRUGLO Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest Reatree XTRA

It is extremely versatile which makes it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed bows.

One of the most outstanding features of this model is the integration of speed bushings which supercharges downward speed at the launch of arrows to promote increased velocity and improved accuracy.

The Down-Draft ensures that you don’t have to be the most skilled archer in the world to be able to hit tight groups.

Also, the fact that it is available at such a great price makes it an even more attractive purchase.

If you’re desperate to improve your bow’s accuracy more than ever, the TRUGLO Down-Draft Drop-Away Arrow Rest could be just what you need.

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Quality Archery Ultra-Rest Pro Series 

This is another serious contender for the best drop away arrow rest thanks to its ability to incorporate significant precision into your bowhunting game.

Quality Archery Products Ultra-Rest Pro Series Arrow Rest with Harmonic Dampener (Right Hand)

The Quality Archery Products Ultra-Rest Pro Series is a well-constructed model featuring a patented mechanism that demands that an arrow is fired before falling away.

It sports a patented cam/brake feature that guarantees absolutely no arrow rest bounce-back to ensure that there’s complete fletching clearance.

Looking for a quicker launcher drop away? The Lock-down design integrated into this model delivers just that and more.

All components are manufactured from precision-machined aluminum which is one of the most sought-after materials in the industry today. Therefore, impressive value for money can be expected after purchasing this drop-away arrow rest.

The Ultra-Rest Pro comes in an attractive all-black design and suitable for right-hand bows only.

Additionally, the integration of a laser cut felt leads to significant noise reduction once shots are fired.

The Quality Archery Products Ultra-Rest Pro Series can be a great option for hunters searching for a top drop away arrow rest for shooting arrows of all lengths including shorter ones.

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Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH

This is another drop-away arrow rest from the Ripcord brand that achieves mind-blowing performance with every single shot.

Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH

The Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH is constructed with a blend of the manufacturer’s signature Drop-Away Arrow Rest Technology with complete arrow containment.

The result is one of the best-selling models in the drop-away arrow rest industry right now.

This model provides exceptionally swift fall-away time for bowhunters to hit targets with much more accuracy without sacrificing arrow clearance. For long-lasting performance, the Camo Arrow Rest RH ships with a heavy-duty launcher arm.

This arrow rest takes versatility to extreme levels due to its compatibility with virtually any riser thanks to the mounting screw included in the package.

Additionally, the unique offset cord design means it never stands in the way of your arrow.

The Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH is a must-have if you desire a top fall-away arrow rest that can improve your shooting skills and make archery more rewarding.

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NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest 

The NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest is one of the quickest arrow rests ever made in terms of operation.

NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree Sound Dampening

It is manufactured from premium-grade metal which ensures rugged performance whether rain or shine.

Additionally, it is infused with 360-degree Sound Dampening Technology which means ultra-quiet operations regardless of the prevailing conditions in your bow or hunting environment.

This whisper-quiet performance ensures the ability to shoot tighter groups without any problems.

This model is simply a perfect fit for all kinds of compound bow models on the market.

The Apache is easy to set up and unlike rival models, doesn’t require any adjustments to be made. Rookie archers say they’re able to install this drop-arrow rest on their bows within the space of 20 minutes.

This model features laser graduations which are quick and easy to fine-tune in the hunting field.

The NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest is a smart choice if you’re committed to finding a technologically advanced and ultra-quiet drop-away arrow rest.

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Quality Archery Ultra Rest Arrow Rest

The Quality Archery Designs Hunter Arrow Rest is crafted with laser cut felt to produce the ultimate in bow draw silence.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand

The body is manufactured from excellent quality materials and comes in a stunning finish that displays superior craftsmanship. The package also ships with a mounting bracket made from aluminum.

The Hunter Arrow Rest is easy to install and ships with a detailed instructional DVD to make the process as snappy as possible for first-timers.

The innovative design and smart positioning of the cable make sure that the drop rest functions optimally and gets completely dialed in after a few minor adjustments.

Also, it is available at an unbeatable price which means greater value for money.

The Quality Archery Designs Hunter Arrow Rest is the real deal if you’re on the hunt for a drop-away arrow rest that can help you achieve the tightest groups from approximately 40-50 yards out.

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Final Thoughts

The Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest is the best drop away arrow rest by a mile. With all-aluminum construction, this model is built to thrive in some of the toughest terrains in the world.

The integration of noise dampeners ensures that the arrows are released quietly to prevent spooking target prey and other animals in the vicinity.

It is available at a great price and proudly made in the United States. A quick glance through the wide range of independent 5-star reviews on by other archers and there’s no reason to have doubts about ordering this model.

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