Best Crossbow Broadheads 2019

3 of the best crossbow broadheads with carbon tips

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best crossbow broadhead is, then we recommend the Rage CrossbowX Broadhead as the best one.

Finding a world-class crossbow broadhead can take your hunting success to stunning levels. Even with the most accurate crossbow in the world, the arrows you shoot need to be able to penetrate the target animal’s body immediately contact is made.

Your bolt should also be able to slide through the animal’s vital organs to cause fatal damage and bring it down once and for all.

The right broadhead empowers hunters in so many ways.

But due to the unlimited options from various brands, you can be spoiled for choice.

Thankfully, our crossbow broadhead reviews below take into account explicit details regarding each of the top 7 models available today to help you make a well-informed decision.

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Buying the Best Crossbow Broadheads: Factors to Consider

You can just walk into the nearest bow accessories shop and order the first broadhead you come across or take your time to delve deeper into these accessories to uncover all the secrets you need to know to make the right purchase.

The choice is yours.

If you really want the best value for your money while getting the best out of your hunts then it is important to know and consider the factors below during shopping.

The Law

Are there specific laws bordering the use of broadheads where you live or intend to hunt?

If there are, then it is important to know the number of cutting surfaces as all the necessary information in terms of broadhead diameter and other specifications.

Once you know exactly what to look for to stay within the confines of local laws, your search can be narrowed greatly.

Remember, some localities have banned the use of any sort of broadheads. If you happen to live or hunt in one of those areas, there’s no point shelling out money on these bow accessories in the first place.

You could end up facing a huge fine or even worse.

Mechanical Blade vs Fixed Blade

Since the inception of broadheads, archers have been debating between mechanical blades and fixed blades. Unfortunately, that debate doesn’t seem like getting put to bed anytime soon.

As such, it is important to know how each type of broadhead differs from the other in order to make a solid choice.

Mechanical Blade Broadheads

Mechanical blade broadheads are the latest types on the market. They come with large blade petals which deploy upon impact with targets.

Hunting with mechanical blade broadheads results in wider incisions into the bodies of your target game, resulting in a huge entrance and exit wound.

These broadhead blades also deliver effective penetration of critical organs and a crime-scene-like blood trail that is easy to follow to pick up the wounded game.

Mechanical blade broadheads offer amazing levels of accuracy thanks to their straight flight path which makes them stand tall when compared to other types of broadheads.

Additionally, the absence of wing-like blades in these broadheads means there are no distractions from crosswinds once your arrows are shot.

The huge level of damage inflicted on target game is another reason why many archers swear by mechanical blade broadheads.

They’re able to make wider cutting diameters due to the fact that the blades remain tucked in-flight and only expand upon contact to penetrate the target animal’s body.

The most common downside of broadheads with mechanically fixed blades occurs when blades fail to expand upon contact with your prey’s body.

In such situations, a big game like buck is able to brush off the shot arrow and keep going without suffering any major damage.

Also, mechanical blade broadheads perform abysmally when they come into contact with bone.

In fact, when they hit an animal’s rib or shoulder blade after penetration, the bolt’s flying path usually takes a significant shift, missing critical organs, and making it harder to knock the target down.

Another common drawback of mechanical blade broadheads is their relatively low-level penetration when compared to their fixed blade rivals.

Remember, the opening of the blades after making contact with the target’s skin drains up some kinetic energy which means less penetration.

This can be a huge problem if you plan to hunt bears, elk, moose or other similarly-sized game.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads are known for their rugged finish and dependable performance.

They get their name from the unique design which keeps them in a fixed position during flight and upon impact with targets.

You get to choose from 2, 3, and 4 blade options. Apart from that, there are several types of these broadheads available including models which can be removed for easy sharpening.

Your personal hunting style and preferences will determine which model you opt for due to the variety of cutting diameters, grain weights, and shapes available.

One of the biggest advantages of fixed blade broadheads is that they are ultra dependable. Their simple design and the absence of moving parts eliminate any form of malfunction from the equation.

Also, they generate excellent penetration even after contact with hard bone because no kinetic energy is lost in extending blades, unlike their mechanical blade rivals.

Therefore, they start penetrating critical organs and other delicate parts of your target game’s body instantly, causing quick and severe damage which eventually knocks it down.

This makes them perfect for hunting any kind of big game you can think of.

In fact, if you live on hunting and bringing in the big game, you may want to forget about the existence of mechanical blades in favor of fixed blades.

Fixed blades can also be cleaned, sharpened, and maintained with ease when compared to their rivals.

However, fixed blades come with a major downside.

They can easily fall victim to strong crosswinds which can significantly affect your ability to hit targets, especially when shooting from a fairly long distance.

The Tip Design

The tip design is very important when shopping for a crossbow broadhead. Whether you choose a mechanical blade or fixed blade model, the tip type is another vital decision you’ll have to make.

There are 2 main tip designs i.e. Chisel Tip and Cut-on-Contact Tip and each of these comes with its own merits.

If you want a tip that hits targets hard and passes through bone as well as other vital body organs with ease, the Chisel Tip is your best bet.

As such, they’re sought by hunters who prefer chasing big game with thick bones and equally thick hides.

Just like its name, the Cut-on-contact tip starts shredding immediately after making contact with the animal’s body.

Hence, this broadhead tip is definitely the best for maximum penetration.

Grain Weight

Crossbows by design require shorter arrows and exert more driving power on them. This is the reason why heavier broadheads are favored by crossbow hunters.

But how do you know the best grain weight to search for during shopping? Well, remember that your crossbow manufacturer knows best so take note of their recommendations and select that same weight or something heavier.

Choosing a broadhead weight lower than the bow manufacturer’s recommendations can be a huge mistake which can turn around to haunt you down the line.

Cutting Diameter

This is also an important consideration when you’re searching for the right crossbow broadhead. Make sure to choose one with a diameter of at least an inch if you really want to bring down your prey quick.

Remember, a broadhead with a large cutting diameter also causes more damage to the internal organs of your target animal.

Number of Blades

There are several times in the hunting field when a single-blade broadhead just won’t cut it. In such situations, a 2-blade or even 3-blade model can come in very handy.

More blades essentially lead to a larger wound channel especially when the broadhead comes with limited diameter.

Rage CrossbowX Broadhead

The Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX is a masterpiece from a brand famous for making extremely solid broadheads.

Rage 510306 Crossbowx 2-Blade Broadhead 100gr 2in Cut 3pk 53000

This mechanical crossbow broadhead is designed to fly to the same point of aim as your target tips. They’re especially recommended if you own a high-end crossbow which shoots bolts at superior speeds.

These broadheads feature super sharp 0.25-inch steel blades with 2-inch cutting diameters.

This guarantees that your arrows make large cuts into the bodies of target game, causing fatal injury, and leaving a clear blood trail you can follow to go pick up the carcass.

It comes in 2 main options i.e. 100 and 125-grain diameter models.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested crossbow broadhead for every skill level, choose the Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX.

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G5 Outdoors Montec Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec Premium Broadheads are designed for use with all kinds of bows and not just crossbows.

G 5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 1-1/16" Cut Broadheads (3 Pack)

They’re hugely economical and can be easily re-sharpened for repeated use after shooting.

Each of these premium broadheads is spin-tested to guarantee a true flight.

Additionally, every single one goes through the manufacturer’s multi-layer testing to ensure accurate deployment when you finally make that shot you’ve been waiting for ages.

G5 Montec Broadheads provide fatal wound channels as a result of the manufacturer’s use of LUTZ and diamond-cut blades. In effect, you can always be sure of quick, clean, and ethical kills every time your arrows hit animals during hunting.

The G5 Outdoors Montec Premium Broadheads will be a very satisfying purchase if you’re desperate for broadheads which hit animals like a hammer and penetrate with ease.

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Muzzy Trocar 3-Blade Broadhead

These crossbow broadheads deliver one-of-a-kind performance. They’re incredibly sharp and extremely consistent with the field points of most bowhunters.

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead – 3 Pack

The Muzzy Trocar 100-Grain 3-Blade broadheads come with hardened-steel Trocar tips for delivering superior penetration without causing damage to bones.

The large cutting diameter found in this model is a really impressive feature.

Measuring 1-3/16 inches, this diameter leaves excellent blood trails for easy tracking of wounded targets even if they’re able to move several yards before dropping down dead once hit by your bolt.

It comes in a pack of three 100-grain broadheads which are assembled and ready to go.

Additionally, these broadheads are proudly made in the USA under the highest quality standards.

The Muzzy Trocar is an excellent choice if you want broadheads which fly massively well and hit mark after mark.

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Grim Reaper  Whitetail Broadhead

The Grim Reaper Razor Tip’s world-class engineering means it blows through ribs and any other bone they make contact with seamlessly.

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS  Whitetail Spec 2" Cut 3 Bld 100gr

It is specially designed for bows with higher kinetic energies. These tend to be the priciest, most high-end crossbows, and compound bows.

The package features 3 blades with cut diameters of 2 inches each.

This ensures precise shots and pinpoint penetration into target game which can lead to conspicuous blood trails even over significant distances.

The Grim Reaper is a pretty strong and sturdy broadhead featuring a Trocar tip for trouble-free driving through bone.

The Grim Reaper Razor Tip is just what you need if you’re looking for a great crossbow broadhead to hunt whitetail deer and other animals of a similar size.

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Swhacker 1.75-Inch Cut Broadhead

This is a 100-grain expandable double-blade crossbow broadhead which continues to impress expert archers with the most demanding requirements.

Swhacker 100 Grain 1.75-Inch Cut Broadhead (Set of 3), Large, Black

The first blade penetrates the animal’s body immediately upon contact while the second one remains a virgin until it springs up at just the right time to punch through the animal’s internal organs.

Each blade is 0.32 inches thick and made from the most durable stainless steel material available.

The blade is razor-sharp honed which translates to easy penetration the instant your broadhead makes contact with the target animal’s skin.

These popular crossbow broadheads feature hardened high carbon steel points which makes them durable and easy to use over and over again. As long as you get them sharpened, they’ll perform like new every time.

The Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads are recommended for archers of all experience levels thanks to the razor sharp 2-blade design which makes contact with and knocks down targets with ease.

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OTW Hunting Broadheads

The OTW Hunting Broadheads are affordable and designed for shooting practice as well as hunting.

OTW Hunting Broadheads, 3 Fixed Blades 100 Grain Archery Broad Heads (6 Pack)

Available in 100-grain units, these broadheads produce true and accurate flights with every shot.

They feature sharp stainless steel blades for easy penetration whether the target animal is small or big.

Each package comes with 6 broadheads in 6 different portable boxes for easy carry and extra protection at the same time.

In addition, the manufacturer offers reliable after-sales service in the event that you face any problems after purchase. Just shoot OTW a quick email and your problem will be solved promptly.

The OTW Hunting Broadheads are recommended for archers on the hunt for quality yet affordable crossbow broadheads with generous manufacturer warranties.

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Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead

The Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead is made for hunters who refuse to sacrifice speed or accuracy in their quest to obtain maximum results from hunting.

Excalibur Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadhead 150gr.3-Blade 3pk 6673

The integration of the “Clip Loc” blade control system means blades are held securely in the midst of an arrow’s flight in order to deploy the blades with precision upon impact.

The pass-through is excellent whether you’re hunting deer or bigger game such as elk or moose. This leaves an excellent blood trail for you to follow until you come across the dead animal.

The blade edges of the Excalibur Boltcutter can be re-sharpened for use after each hunting trip.

The Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead is a no-brainer for hunters looking for a model with spot-on field tips.

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Final Thoughts

The Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX is the best crossbow broadhead money can buy right now.

Manufactured by an iconic brand noted for releasing the best hunting broadheads, this model gets the job done with ease and finesse.

The 2-blade design and 2-inch diameter means that any big whitetail deer or elk that approaches is as good as dead once your bolts make contact with the core of its body.

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