Best Compound Bow for Women

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best compound bow for women, then the Leader Accessories Compound Bow is the best one.

What is the best compound bow for women? This is becoming a common question among female bowhunting enthusiasts.

It is no secret that the sport of archery has been attracting a higher number of female practitioners in the last decade. In fact, many of us know a lot of women who are excelling more in archery when compared to their male partners.

If you’re a woman kicking ass with your bow and arrow, congratulations are in order!

Since you cannot be an archer without owning some sort of bow, it is only natural that the demand for women’s bows continues to increase.

Well, after talking to female bow shooters from different backgrounds and experience levels, we’ve compiled and reviewed the best models on the market today.

In fact, we were forced to eliminate some really great options from our women’s compound bow reviews below due to one or two deal breakers.

In essence, you can expect that apart from our top-rated model, any of the additional options are exceptional in their own right.

Do not hesitate to compare the highs and lows of each model in order to be able to make an independent well-informed decision.

Top Women’s Compound Bow Comparison Table

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How to Choose The Best Compound Bow for Women

One may ask. Are there specific compound bows designed for women? The answer is yes.

Multiple campaigns continue to be waged by feminists around the world clamoring for the same products for both men and women. In an era of political correctness, we realize that we’re treading very sensitive waters by even discussing this.

While some bowmaker brands refuse to release distinctive models for women, it is important to know that all compound bows are not manufactured equal.

In archery, the differences between men and women, especially with regards to sheer physical power, become even more pronounced. Therefore, we believe that choosing a bow crafted to exploit the strengths of women can only be a smart move.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider during your search:


Draw Weight

This is probably the most critical consideration when searching for a top quality women’s crossbow.

Draw Weight is the main determinant of the power with which an arrow flies after release from the bow. Draw weight also influences the speed of the arrow and often, the higher the draw weight, the more speed you can expect your arrows to hit.

Just like men, different women have different levels of arm strength. Knowing how much strength you can handle as a woman can be the difference between a great compound bow and a dud.

Fortunately, there are several compound bows which allow you to adjust your draw weight within a wide range. Such models can be a great purchase for women who have no idea how much power they can put on their arrows.

Draw Length

Draw length cannot be ignored when buying any sort of compound bow. Unfortunately, most beginner archers have no idea how much draw length they can handle.

A quick look through our women’s compound bow reviews above and you’ll discover that there are models with adjustable draw lengths for you to decide the right figure during shooting practice.

But how do you know your specific draw length? Well, it can be measured by the formula below:

Use a tape measure to find out your end to end arm length in inches. Whichever figure you come up with after dividing by the total arm length is your specific draw length.

Brace Height

If you’re serious about buying the perfect compound bow, you cannot afford to ignore the brace height of prospective models.

This is defined as the distance from the string to the extreme end of the bow grip. This metric has a huge impact on arrow speed and bow forgiveness.

The shorter the brace height, the higher the arrow speed and vice versa. This becomes possible because short brace heights tend to push the arrow for relatively extended periods, leading to a positive impact on speed.

Aesthetic Features

Most female archers want their compound bows to be easy on the eye.

Therefore, it should come with a great mix of colors as well as additional design patterns to draw the envy of others even before an arrow is shot.


This is defined as the percentage of a bow’s maximum weight you can fire an arrow without giving up its accuracy.

The best women’s compound bows are designed with let-off hovering between 70-80%.

Mass Weight

Whether you’re male or female, there is a specific weight you can carry items comfortably. Therefore, make sure the total weight of the bow you intend to purchase can be handled with ease for extended periods of time.

Anything more and you’re facing arm fatigue and general tiredness, especially whenever you have to walk long distances during bowhunting in the woods.


Common accessories such as Bow Sights, Bow Releases, and Bow Stabilizers can make hunting with your compound bow not just more fun but enhance the end results as well.

Some of the most expensive compound bows may feature a couple of these add-ons. But generally, you may have to purchase them on your own.

As long as the bow you purchase is compatible with these accessories, you’re in the clear.


There are only a handful of compound bows truly built for female archers. In spite of this scarcity, you can snap up one of these bows with only a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Like those specifically built for male archers, you won’t need to pay an arm and a leg for standard women’s compound bows.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow offers female archers everything they need to shoot whether it’s for serious hunting or target practice.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps, Autumn Camo

It shoots at 320 feet per second which means any whitetail or buck in sight should get hit even from as far as 45-50 yards out.

The Draw Weight Adjust feature is one of the reasons why many archers love this compound bow. It allows you to simply choose the best draw weight from which to shoot comfortably and accurately within 50”-70”.

How many compound bows on the market gives you the freedom to adjust the draw length to fit your needs?

Just remove the screw until the cam is free and place the screw in your preferred draw length hole.

Then, tighten it as much as possible and there you have it, the bow at the perfect draw length for you.

The 75-80 percent built-in Let-off allows women archers to wait patiently for the right shot thereby increasing their accuracy.

If you’re looking for an amazing compound bow with high flexibility and incredible shooting speeds for women, it doesn’t get better than the Leader Accessories Compound Bow.

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RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow

The Raptor Compound Bow continues to catch the eyes of women who love to shoot bows ever since their release on the market.

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit: LIMBS MADE IN USA | Fully adjustable 24.5-31” Draw 30-70LB pull | Up to 315 FPS | WARRANTY & 100% 30 day GUARANTEE | 5 Pin Lighted Sight, Biscuit Rest | Camo 2

With top-level performance specifications and a wide range of positive reviews from hundreds of archers, this model cannot be ignored any longer.

The integrated draw length is flexible and can be alternated anywhere from 24.5”-31”.

The fact that the draw weight can also be adjusted from an incredible 30-70 inches without a bow press simply means women of all fitness levels should experience no issues shooting this bow.

While most compound bows within this price range feature some sort of plastic in the design of the cam, the Raptor Compound remains an exception.

It sports a quality cam made from 100% top-grade aluminum.

The result is a ready-to-hunt compound bow that gives you the ability to hit fantastic shots from fairly long distances away from the target.

The Raptor Compound is a highly recommended compound bow for women with the smallest frames.

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Quest Radical Right Hand Package

If you’re a woman with a preference for shooting on the right-hand side and looking for an affordable compound bow that you can bet your life on while hunting in the woods, look no further than the Quest Radical.

Quest Radical Right Hand Package, AP, 17.5-30-Inch/40-Pound

It is powered by a highly flexible cam system that requires no bow press. It shoots quietly and has a pleasant, smooth draw to it.

The Radical weighs only 40 pounds which makes it easy to carry whether you’re an all-nighter or love shooting targets all day.

Most women find the physical design and use of stunning colors a huge draw.

In fact, many female archers have reported that the physical looks alone make this model a huge source of envy among their rivals.

The Quest Radical is a solid women’s compound bow that has what it takes to help improve your shooting skills in order to achieve consistent kills from hunting trips.

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Bear Archery Wild

This women’s compound bow is the perfect package for experienced female archers and beginners alike.

Bear Archery Wild RTH Compound Bow Package 70lb Right Hand Shadow #23190

It comes in a sturdy build which means even the most regular hunters won’t need to purchase another bow for many years.

It is also easy to adjust not just in terms of the draw weight but the draw length as well.

Just let the manufacturer know your preferred draw weight and draw length and the bow you ordered can be configured to meet those specifications prior to shipping.

When the draw weight is set at 70-pounds, it shoots targets at a speed of 310 feet per second.

The Bear Archery Wild is available in 3 distinct colors: Shadow, Realtree Xtra, and Olive.

If you’re shopping for a quality compound bow for a special woman without breaking the bank, go ahead and order the Bear Archery Wild.

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SAS Rage Compound Bow

This women’s compound bow is designed to help them advance their skills in archery. Manufactured from the right raw materials in terms of durability and performance, this bow is a must-have.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow (Black with Pro Package)

The Southland Archery Supply Rage 70 measures 15 inches from axle to axle and shoots at an outstanding 270 fps thanks to the 30lb draw weight.

It features an extremely strong layered limb piece that has what it takes to withstand draw weights of up to 70lbs.

The draw weight drops by 5lbs when you loosen the bolt and surges by 5lbs if the bolt is tightened. This gives another level of flexibility, especially for a beginner female archer who’s trying to decide her optimum shooting draw weight.

It ships largely assembled with a detailed instruction manual so you know what you’re doing right from the start.

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn and advance your archery skills, the Southland Archery Rage 70 is just what you need.

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Bowtech Archery Diamond Deploy Bow

The Bowtech Archery Diamond Deploy is the best left-hand compound bow for women.

Bowtech Archery Diamond Deploy SB RAK Left Hand Compound Bow, Black, 60 lb

It comes with the manufacturer’s renowned Synchronized Binary Cam System which is the most advanced cam system in the world today.

It is designed for those who love to shoot with speed. Thanks to the 330 feet per second velocity packed into this compound bow, hitting that moose or elk in your shooting range just became a lot easier.

The overall weight of this compound bow is 3.2lbs which suits the needs of female archers just fine.

Most female shooters also find the 60-pound draw weight manageable so you don’t have to be a 200-pound dead lifter to shoot and hit targets with this model.

If you’re desperate for a stunning women’s compound bow for lefthanders, this model simply can’t be beat.

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Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH

If you’re a woman who loves shooting arrows and looking for a bow that stands out, the Bear Archery Finesse RTH is a match made in Heaven.

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH

No other bow beats the smooth operation and satisfaction you get from owning and shooting this model on a consistent basis.

It is powered by a super-smooth draw cycle and a subdued easy-spinning single cam system as well as the manufacturer’s Bear Flared Quad Limbs.

These features combine with the integrated shock-resistance and durable stance to give that quiet arrow release most female archers crave.

It is simply one of the best bows to begin the adrenaline-packed journey into the world of archery.

Order the Bear Archery Finesse right now if you’ve got an eye for value.

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Final Thoughts

The demand for women’s compound bows has been on the surge in the last couple of years.

With many more women developing an interest in archery, it is estimated that manufacturers will continue to release more female-themed crossbows in the near future.

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow is the best compound bow for women right now. If you’re right-handed, there’s no model out there that outclasses this one.

From the comprehensive customization options to the attractive price and impressive shooting speeds, little can go wrong with this bow.

On the other hand, the Bowtech Archery Diamond Deploy is built for left-handed female archers. It is engineered with some of the most technologically advanced features in the archery world today for women with ambitions of becoming expert archers.


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