Best Compound Bow Case 2019

An opened compound bow case with bow and accessories

Compound bows have been around for centuries. In fact, they’ve been a source of so many fictional masterpieces.

With many more people developing an interest in archery, these weapons won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

This means if you have invested in a compound bow, it is important to figure out a way to store it safely. What better way than to get the right bow case?

The good news is that we’ve reviewed the top bow cases available coupled with the various tips and tricks that can be exploited during the shopping process to come up with only the best.

As long as you continue reading, finding the perfect case for your compound bow can become a reality within the next couple of minutes.

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Advantages of a Compound Bow Case

If you’re here today then I’m sure one of the questions on your mind is whether you need a bow case at all.

It is no secret that many archers do not own one of these cases.

In fact, if you have some sort of space for your bows, bolts, and other archery accessories and only shoot on your property then you may have little use for a bow case.

However, if you have to travel even just a few miles from where you live to target practice or hunt then taking the plunge and investing in the right case can be worth your while.

Here are a few reasons why:

Easy Transportation

If you have to move your bow from one place to another for any reason, the safest way to do so is to have a case.

Well, you might argue that you don’t actually hunt and only use your bow for practice. However, a bow case can still come in handy even if you live in the city or suburbs and need to travel to the practice range once a week.

You wouldn’t want your bow and string bouncing around in the backseat of your truck while driving, would you?

If you’ve already shelled out on a bow, the right bow case can be lifesaving in so many ways.


Buying a bow can be a serious investment and one of the best ways to get true value for your money is to store it safely.

If you own a recurve bow then you may be able to get away with not owning a case due to the fact that they’re usually stored unstrung.

But if a compound bow is what you own, knowing very well that they’re usually stored strung, failure to get the right bow case can be detrimental in so many ways.

Remember, the right case protects your bow from all kinds of dents, scratches, and nicks. This keeps the bow in great shape for many years.

Leaving your compound bow locked in a case can also be a good way to protect the lives of those around you.

If you live with kids or have roommates who have no idea how to handle bows, leaving out a strung compound bow in the open can be a recipe for disaster.

After all, nobody wants to come home to an injured child, spouse, or roommate who tried to dry-fire their bow.

If you intend to pack your bow into a case for several months of storage, just make sure the case is left in a place where it is protected from harsh weather, extreme temperatures, water, and moisture.

Types of Compound Bow Cases

There are 2 main types of bow cases on the market today i.e. Hard and Soft. Each type comes with a couple of advantages you have to be aware of before hitting the buy button.

Soft Compound Bow Cases

These are recommended if you only have to move your archery equipment locally. If you only carry the bow and accessories around your property or to the practice range a few miles away, a soft case could be perfect.

Hard Case

On the other hand, if you have a penchant for traveling frequently with your bow and some extras, a hard case is the way to go.

For frequent travelers who fly out to hunting ranges cross-country or to other parts of the world for hunting purposes, a hard case is non-negotiable.

But make sure the prospective hard case you want to purchase is recommended by airlines for flying.

Even if you have no immediate plans to go on a hunting trip far away from home, you never know what the future might bring.

How to Choose the Best Compound Bow Case

Here are the critical factors to weigh if you want to find the best compound bow case.

The Type of Bow

Making sure that the bow case you purchase is specifically designed to store the type of bow you own can prevent lots of headaches down the line.

There’s no point buying a case designed for holding a longbow or even recurve bow when you own a compound bow.

If you make this mistake, you could end up with a case that doesn’t fit your bow at all. Even if you’re able to fit it in somehow, you can expect only minimal protection for the bow and any other accessories.

How Much Gear You Want To Fit

The storage needs of an archer looking for a case to fit a bow and 2 arrows may be completely different from another searching for storage for a bow and extra accessories such as arrows, quivers, scopes, releases, arrow rests, bow stringers, arm guards, gloves, bow squares, and Allen wrenches.

This is why we recommend that you always consider how much gear is intended to fit into your bow case and choose a model with enough storage.

Failure to do this will only cause you headaches every time you need to pack up for a hunting trip.

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

This compound bow case is designed to fit most of the top-selling models in the market. In fact, you get additional space to attach a quiver too.

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

It provides extra protection for your bow and complementary accessories in the form of a rigid shaped ABS shell featuring a stunning embossing and an 8-point interlocking stacking system.

The lockable draw-bolt metal latches deliver an exceptionally secure case that is dirt-free, dust-free, and moisture-free.

Therefore, you can confidently leave the SKB Hunter Series case in the garage or another dirt prone area with the knowledge that your bow and accessories will stay clean and secure.

Also, this bow case is engineered with quality EPS inserts to provide 5-star shock resistance in the event of accidental drops.

It comes with a well-designed handle that is easy to carry even over long distances.

Seriously, if you’re looking for the ultimate quality compound bow case, the SKB Hunter Series is a no-brainer.

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Allen Gear Fit Pro Bow Case

Looking for a well-constructed case designed to fit bows measuring up to 35” axle-to-axle? This is your lucky day.

Allen Compound Bow Case, 35" Gear Fit Pro - Fits Compund Bows up to 35

The Allen Compound Bow Case is available in a Gear Fit design that features 7 different pockets.

Even the most dedicated archers are able to bring their wide range of archery accessories with them due to the exceptional amount of space they get access to.

Imagine just landing in your favorite hunting field with lots of whitetail deer and other game roaming around within shooting range.

How would you like to own a compound bow case that gives quick access to your gear?

The good news is that this case gives you just that thanks to the Easy-to-Grab zipper pull design.

Also, the shoulder strap and padded handles are nice features which can enhance portability.

If you’re looking for a bow case with enough space to handle all your gear, the Allen Compound Bow is the perfect option to buy.

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Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

The Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case is an affordable option for bowhunters who do not want to compromise on quality in spite of their tight budgets.

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

It comes in an attractive Mossy Oak finish with Black Trim.

It is padded with 0.5” material to provide protection for bows in the event of slips or falls during transportation.

The only drawback is that there are no built-in pockets to accommodate arrows and other accessories.

The zipper works great and the exterior feels like durable material.

The Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case is the obvious choice when you’re looking for a soft-sided compound bow case that can fit even the largest bows.

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Allen Black Gear Fit X Case

This compound bow case is another top option by Allen Company.

Compound Bow Case, Black Gear Fit X Fits Compound Bows up to 35" Axle to Axle

The Allen Black Gear Fit X is one of the roomiest models around today thanks to the incredible 10-accessory pockets integrated into its design.

It is really well made from top-grade canvas material with the ability to withstand abrasions.

Your bow is secured firmly into place by the interior tie-down straps available in this model.

The Fit X’s interior lining is soft and smooth. This protects your bow and other delicate accessories from scratches and keeps them generally intact.

The Allen Black Gear Fit X should be top of your list if you’re looking for an elite compound bow case with enough room to accommodate all your archery accessories and then some.

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Plano 108115 Bow Case

The Plano 108115 AW is a sturdy looking compound bow case manufactured from the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black

The bow case features thick, waterproof walls which are also lockable. The locks come with some of the latest security innovations so they’re able to hold up really well against break-ins.

This can be a real blessing when traveling on a flight. Additionally, it is resistant to crashes and features the famous PillarLock system approved by airlines for travel.

The case comes with several Velcro straps and screws for easy customization of your bow and any accessories.

Additionally, the interior area of the case sport several brackets for easy mounting of the most delicate accessories. This allows fitting of any vital extras while eliminating the protrusion of screws and bolts on the exterior portion of the case.

The Plano 108115 AW is just what you need when you’re looking for a solid, all round compound bow case.

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Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

This compound bow case offers a variety of customization options to fit your bow and accessories.

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Plano recognizes that different hunters have a preference for different bows so creating a case that is flexible enough to store almost every bow and accompanying accessories continues to be a smart move.

Featuring an exterior manufactured from industrial-grade material with generous dimensions, there’s no reason why your compound bow shouldn’t fit.

The interior sports movable tie-downs and a flexible PillarLock system which can be configured to fit every compound bow on the market.

The water seal keeps out general moisture to allow your bows and accessories to stay in tip-top shape.

If you’re looking for a compound bow case that fits virtually all kinds of bows regardless of the make, model, or design, the Plano Parallel Limb is the number one option.

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Lakewood Products Double Bowfile Elite Case

The Lakewood Double Bowfile Elite Case is one of the most innovatively made compound bow cases available for purchase right now.

Lakewood Products Double Bowfile Elite Case, Black, Large/41

Thanks to the top-loading design, this case doesn’t require being laid out.

In spite of the sturdy build, it features soft sides that offer protection for your bows and accessories without scratching the insides of trucks during travel.

In fact, the Bowfile Elite Case is so strong that you can actually stand on it without any issues.

It is approved for airline travel so you should face no complications traveling all over the world to hunt if that’s something you desire to do.

The Lakewood Double Elite Bowfile case is your best bet if you’re in the market for a compound bow case that holds 2 split-limb or parallel-limb bows alongside each other.

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Final Thoughts

When searching for a bow case, it is critical to choose one that fits your bows securely and offers constant support for any extra accessories you may be carrying.

We believe the SKB Hunter Series is the best compound bow case for sale today.

This is thanks to the plush-lined EPS inserts which give maximum impact resistance for your archery equipment, the large storage space offered, and ultra-comfortable carrying handle for stress-free transportation.

Although it’s not the cheapest model reviewed here, getting world-class protection for your compound bows and extras comes at a cost.

All kinds of compound bows fit in this case nice and snug. Overall, this is a world-class case that can keep the large investment you intend to store in secure and safe.

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