Best Bowstring Silencers 2019

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best bowstring silencers, then the Mountain Man Beaver Silencer is the best one.

Congratulations on the decision to check out the top bowstring silencers in the market today. We believe you’re on the right path towards making your bow as quiet as possible.

The truth is whether you’re a recreational shooter or a hunter, noisy bows have nothing good to offer.

They can be extremely annoying to the ears while driving away potential prey from the range of your arrows.

Thankfully, a great bow silencer can solve these problems with ease.

With their affordable price tags and ease of installation, there’s no reason why you should ignore these accessories whether you’re just starting out in the world of archery or been shooting bows and arrows for years.

Unfortunately, finding the right string silencer could be a problem especially if you don’t know where and what to look.

We’re happy to point you in the right direction with our detailed bowstring silencer reviews below.

Just take a look at the best models available and choose wisely because your success as a bowhunter could well hinge on it.

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What Makes Bowstrings Noisy in the First Place

Well, this is a popular question among many archers, especially beginners. The truth is, bows naturally vibrate once you take a shot and often, this vibration can be so loud that it turns into rattling noise.

Firing arrows which weigh too light for a specific bow are some of the main causes of these vibrations.

In that scenario, the significant force from the string becomes too much for the arrow to handle, leaving plenty of energy traveling back to the bow once a shot is fired.

This leads to a chaotic situation with back and forth vibration of the string as well as flexing and twanging of the limbs.

In that case, why not just purchase arrows with the perfect weight for your bow?

Well, it is practically impossible to find an arrow specifically optimized for your bow’s weight. But you can always get around this by firing arrows which are heavy enough for the draw to ensure minimal string vibrations.

Bow inefficiency can be another source of vibrating strings. Sure, there are some really great bows out there. However, each of them comes with natural inefficiencies that can lead to significant string noise with every shot.

Bow design inefficiencies can lead to the excess energy being absorbed by the bow limbs resulting in flexing and springing which is another popular source of bowstring vibrations and related noise.

Advantages of Quiet Bowstrings

Why do archers need a quiet bowstring in the first place? Well, everyone who remembers high school science lessons will know how quick the speed of sound is.

Sure, you can own the fastest recurve or compound bow in the world and shoot the fastest arrows available today. However, even the most impressive arrow flying speeds can be no match for the speed of the sound emanating from your bowstring.

Most target animals naturally have extremely sophisticated hearing systems because their lives depend on it.

Therefore, any whitetail deer, or bear you intend to hunt will likely hear the noise coming from your bowstring way before, causing it to run for its life before your arrow gets close to its location.

This is why the most successful bowhunters with a great number of kills rely on quiet bow setups.

A noise-free bowstring also keeps your bow and its components in shape for a long period, giving archers great value for your money.

Vibrations from bowstrings affect other components such as the limbs and the bow itself. Over time, these consistent vibrations can have a significantly negative impact on the components of your bow, leading to substantial wear and tear.

If you don’t want to be spending a ton of money on replacement parts and the general maintenance of your bow, finding a way to dampen string vibrations and related noise will be a smart move.

What does a Bowstring Silencer Do?

The main benefit of string silencers is the absorption of excess energy in the string. This is the underlying principle behind string silencers regardless of the type, model, or make.

If you’re serious about leveraging your bow and arrow hunting efforts, you have to find a way to reduce vibrations and eliminate excess noise from your bowstring every time you take a shot.

Bowstring Silencer Additions or Alternatives

Are silencers the only way to reduce vibrations from bowstrings and enhance the quietness of your bow? The answer is no.

There are a few alternatives which can be explored if you’d rather not install a string silencer. You could also add extras to give any bow that tone-deaf silence you’ve always craved.

Limb Dampeners

One of the effects of vibrating strings in a compound and recurve bow is the transfer of vibrations to the limbs. A great way to make bows even quieter is to install limb dampeners in addition to string silencers.

Compound String Suppressors

These accessories are a great alternative to string silencers.

We know now that the excess energy that gets pushed back into the string upon release of an arrow is the reason behind vibrations and noise.

What if there was a way to prevent the string from vibrating in the first place?

That is the principle behind compound string suppressors. They are installed to arrest the string as it gets to the end of the release, largely eliminating vibrations and any associated noise.

Are String Silencers Compatible with Crossbows, Recurves, and Compound Bows?

String silencers are designed to fit into any kind of bow, whether it’s a recurve, crossbow, or compound bow. You can expect them to significantly mute the noise coming from the string found in any bow model you own.

However, the downside is that the majority of string silencers can only be installed by removing the string from the bow.

Fortunately, some of the latest silencers on the market today don’t come with this requirement. In fact, a good number of those models are featured in our detailed bowstring silencer reviews above.

Best Place to Install a Bowstring Silencer

Where’s the best spot to install a bowstring silencer for maximum impact? There’s no universal solution to this question due to the fact that each type of bow is designed differently.

On a compound bow, the best spot is the intersection of the cam and the string or 2-3 inches from the tip.

A recurve bow, on the other hand, gives you more flexibility when it comes to where to attach a string silencer. You can install it from as far as 10 inches from the limb tip due to the longer length of the string.

Since different bows come with varying brace heights, it is important to continue testing until you find the perfect spot for your bow.

Never install string silencers around the middle of the string as this can inject unnecessary drag into the string and slow it down, leading to decreased arrow speed.


Mountain Man Beaver Silencer

The Mountain Man Beaver works great for dampening vibration and silencing the associated bowstring noise.

Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer

Manufactured from quality tanned beaver hide, this bowstring silencer is exceptionally made to last through tens of thousands of shots over extended periods of time.

It is compatible with every kind of bow you can think of and works great regardless of the prevailing weather conditions on the ground.

Their lightweight nature makes them stress-free to handle and add to your arsenal when embarking on a bowhunting trip.

Installing them on any of the popular twist strings is fairly easy to do without the need for any installation tools.

The Mountain Man Beaver Silencer is just what you need if you’re looking to silence any remaining noise from your bow.

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I-sport Otter Bowstring Silencer

This bowstring silencer is designed to shut out the noise associated with shooting a recurve, compound, longbow, and other kinds of bows.


I-sport Otter Bow String Silencer 1 Pair

Made from pure otter fur, this silencer is a thing of beauty which comes in a natural black and white color. The fur also looks and feels really smooth.

The long design makes it suitable for any bow setup. Just install it on your bow, sit back, and enjoy its superb vibration dampening performance.

And the fact that it is available at such a great price means getting great value for your money is guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a miraculous bowstring silencer that makes the trembling of your bow a thing of the past, buy the I-sport Otter Bowstring Silencer.

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Mossy Oak String silencers

This bowstring silencer is manufactured by one of the most popular archery supply makers on the planet today.

Mossy Oak String silencers

The Mossy Oak String Silencers come in an innovative Whisker design that works great in terms of vibration dampening. Archers with different kinds of bows rate this model highly due to its ability to significantly reduce string noise.

It is perfect for use on bows ranging from crossbows to compounds, recurves, and longbows. Installing these silencers on any type of bow is quite a breeze.

It is long enough to be tied to your bow, ensuring convenience to all archers.

The package ships with 2 pairs of silencers which is perfect for archery enthusiasts that own 2 bows. However, the 2nd pair can also serve as a backup string silencer for single bow owners.

Do not hesitate to purchase the Mossy Oak String Silencer if you’re on the hunt for a superb waterproof noise dampening and string silencer.

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Martin Archery Beaver Ball Silencers

This aptly designed bowstring silencer continues to attract tons of raving reviews online and offline.

Martin Archery Beaver Ball String Silencers

It comes in a rounded rubber whisker design that attaches to bowstrings to dramatically decrease the noise produced from fired arrows.

Unlike other silencers that require a bow press, the Martin Archery Beaver Ball Silencer is easy to install.

In fact, all you have to do is to tie it to the bowstring and the noise dampening begins.

The Beaver Ball oozes instant quality and gets the job done effectively in spite of its generous price tag.

In fact, you can actually cut them in half and they’ll work just fine.

The Martin Archery Beaver Ball Silencer is a must-buy if you’re looking for an extremely quality bowstring silencer that actually works.

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LimbSaver Everlast String Leech

The Limbsaver Everlast is your baby if you’re looking to silence your bow and enhance the ability to fire with negligible noise at worst.

LimbSaver Everlast String Leech, Black, 4-Pack

It is derived from the manufacturer’s NAVCOM material which is known for its exceptional vibration dampening and noise reduction capabilities.

This bowstring silencer is compatible with all makes and models of recurve and compound bows. It is quick and easy to install too.

The package ships with 4 Everlast Leeches.

Also, the fact that it comes in a durable finish means the Everlast can be put to use in some of the harshest weather conditions out there with no problems.

The Limbsaver Everlast is a no-brainer if you are looking for an affordable bowstring silencer that promotes a conspicuously quiet and smoother shot.

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Bowrattler Standard String Silencer

This adjustable bowstring silencer is designed to fit any kind of bow you can think of with ease.

Bowrattler Mini String Silencer Black

The Bowrattler Standard String Silencer is lightweight and comes with a thick rubber-head that does a great job of absorbing the noise coming from your bow every time an arrow is released.

It is built to accommodate bows with a distance to string range of 7 3/8”- 8 ¾”. Also, it adds a little weight to the bow which can help improve an archer’s aim and overall accuracy.

Adjustment is simple regardless of the type of bow you own. Installation on any kind of bow is also trouble-free.

The Bowrattler Standard String Silencer is a great choice if you’re looking for a well-made bowstring silencer that simply works.

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Traditional Archery Bowstring Silencers

This bowstring silencer is derived from unique adhesive leather material with special padding to dampen the noise associated with firing recurve bows.

Traditional Archery - Recurve Bow Bowstring Groove Silencers - (Available in 3 Colors) (BROWN)

The Traditional Archery Recurve Bowstring Groove Silencers are constructed to last through years of consistent use.

If you’re tired of the noise from your bow spooking targeted prey into running for their lives, this bowstring silencer is a must-have.

They’re super easy to install on recurves and can literally silence any kind of bow within a minute.

It is proudly made in the United States from an all-weather adhesive that holds up well without regard to the existing conditions in any hunting environment.

The Traditional Archery Bowstring Groove Silencers can be a smart purchase if you’re desperate to dampen the annoying string slap associated with firing recurve bows.

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Final Thoughts

The Mountain Man Beaver Silencer is the clear winner when looking for the best bowstring silencers. With the huge number of 5-star reviews from current owners made up of archers of all skill levels, it is obvious that very little can go wrong from choosing this model.

It comes in an innovative design that delivers spectacular vibration dampening and noise reduction on all kinds of bows.

The fact that it is made for all weather conditions is another huge plus for everyone including archers with a knack for hunting in extreme climates.

It is simply crafted to last and extremely lightweight to ensure a negligible impact on the overall weight of your bow.

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