Best Bowfishing Bows 2019

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If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best bowfishing bows, then the Trophy Ridge Lite-1 is the best one.

Bowfishing is a tried and tested method of bringing some of the largest fish to your dining table. From various types of carp to gator gars and paddlefish, you’re in for a treat if you decide to take up this sport.

So what is the best bowfishing bow to purchase? This is probably the most common question people ask when they’re interested in hunting fish with bows and arrows.

Our comprehensive bowfishing bow reviews uncover the best models for sale as well as the unique features each one brings to the table.

Just go through them, compare, and buy the best one based on your skill level and other personal requirements.

Top Bowfishing Bows Comparison Table

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The Best Bowfishing Technique

A good technique can make a huge difference in your success when bowfishing.

Sure, you could be the best traditional bowhunter in the world.

However, aiming, shooting, and hitting rapidly moving fish in the water can be a different ballgame altogether.

Always remember that the image of the fish seen on the water surface is just a refraction of the actual fish in the water.

Therefore, you should try to aim as low as possible to stand a chance of driving an arrow through the body of targeted fish successfully.


Finding the Best BowFishing Bow

Let’s face it: bowfishing can be extremely tough on the bows. This is why the bows need to be engineered with a rugged body as well as the necessary additional features to be able to withstand extreme levels of abuse.

The Bowfishing Equipment

Bowfishing simply involves standing in a boat or directly in water and driving pointed arrows into fish with the help of specially designed bows.

Bowfishing Bows are designed to be extremely lightweight when compared with traditional bows.

Additionally, bowfishing arrows tend to be stronger and heftier which gives them the ability to travel through dense waters to hit fish targets with dead-on accuracy.

The best bowfishing arrows are manufactured from aluminum or heavy-duty fiberglass. The integrated reinforced density achieved from those materials means you can’t expect them to be flying 80 yards to hit a target.

Additionally, arrowheads feature specially designed barbs which enhance the ability to capture fish by keeping the arrow stuck in them.

Bowfishing Lines are constructed from Spectra, Braided Nylon, or Dacron. They’re usually available in colors such as white, lime green, or neon orange.

For optimum results, line ratings should range between 80-400 lbs for hunting all sizes of fish. Alligator bowfishing lines tend to hover around 600 lbs.

Additional accessories that come in handy in bowfishing include retrievers, line raps, and spin casts depending on the skills of the angler.

Other extras such as polarized sunglasses, hand gloves, and rubber hip waders can be nice additions to your armory when going bowfishing.

The Type of Bow

This is probably the most important factor to consider when shopping for a bowfishing bow.

Due to their lightweight designs, economical price tags, and the impressive mix of additional features, most people tend to choose recurves or compounds when shopping for the best bowfishing bow.

You can also choose a longbow or even crossbow if they can suit your needs better. Keep in mind that each of these types of bows come with its own positives and negatives. To be considered the best, your final choice of the bow should have the majority of the features outlined below.

Personally, compound bows are my favorite for a number of reasons including the presence of common draw weight at each step of the draw cycle.

This allows quick shooting in the event that the perfect fish pops up before your bow is fully drawn.

Many compound bows also come with the perfect let-off so you can aim for several minutes and only shoot when the perfect opportunity arises.

The Coating

The quality coating is important in preventing significant wear and tear. Without that, your bow is likely to take a huge beating, resulting in slow but sure disintegration.

The durability of the coating becomes even more critical if you plan to hunt fish in the ocean or other saltwater bodies.

After all, you wouldn’t want your bow rusting right before your eyes, would you?

Overall Weight

The overall weight of the bow cannot be ignored. Ideally, you’d want a lightweight model which is easy to maneuver.

Hunting fish with a bow in freshwater or the ocean is hard enough as it is. You’d want a bow that allows you to take swift aims and shoot before the fish slides away.

Also, you may have to spend a lot of time shooting fish in the water. A lightweight model eliminates fatigue and gives you the ability to return home with a big kill.

Limbs and Cam Stress Capacity

Instinctive shooting is the underlying principle of bowfishing. This makes it imperative that your bow is constructed with the necessary technologies to withstand larger levels of stress.

The best cams feature deeper grooves to prevent easy derailments.

Also, choosing bowfishing bows with quality limbs can prevent possible dryfires which can be a common occurrence due to the fact that you mostly don’t get enough time to aim properly before shooting fish in the water.

Tight Grip

Shooting fish with an arrow means your hands are likely to get wet. This is why it is critical to choose a bow designed with an extremely tight grip to reduce the chances of dropping it in water even when your hands are wet.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is critical regardless of the type of bow you choose. It is defined as the amount of energy needed to draw the string back and hold it.

This metric also determines the speed of the arrow after shooting. A higher draw weight leads to arrows flying faster when shot.

Remember, it is always a good idea to know where you intend to fish with your bow as different water sources require different bow setups.

Draw Hand

Bowfishing bows may be primarily made for right-handed or left-handed applications.

This is why your preferred draw hand is critical when shopping for the best bowfishing bow.

Unfortunately, the majority of the models on the market are made primarily for right-hands.


Every archer has a specific draw length so you should choose a bow with a draw length that is comfortable for you.

Fortunately, many of the models featured in bowfishing bow reviews here come with adjustable draw lengths making them suitable for a wide range of archers.


If you’re spending a good amount of money on a bow, it is important that you find one covered by a generous warranty.

Warranties can also be important because bows suffer a lot of abuse from fishing activities. This can lead to lots of issues down the line.

A lengthy warranty gives you insurance against some of these defects. A model with a lifetime warranty would be the most ideal.

However, they are quite rare and only available in the most expensive bowfishing bows.

Local Regulations

You always want to be a model citizen and on the right side of the law. You should find out whether bowfishing is legal where you live and any additional regulations.

Failure to do this can lead to a ton of legal problems including monetary fines or worse.

Alpine Mako Bowfishing Right Hand Bow

The Alpine Mako is an incredible, super lightweight bowfishing bow with sturdy construction designed for arrow flinging all day.

Alpine Mako Bowfishing Right Hand Bow, Blue, 50-Pound

It comes with a quality CNC machined riser and a trendy-looking machined limb pocket manufactured from aluminum to handle regular abuse from the most dedicated bowfishing enthusiasts.

The Alpine Mako also features a CNC radial force cam with a flexible 7-inch draw adjustment which essentially makes this quality bow perfect for use by bowfishermen of all ages and physical builds.

The 3-pound total mass of this bow makes it easy to handle and eliminates hand fatigue from long fishing sessions. As long as you have enough time on your hands, you can hunt with your bow continuously for extensive periods.

Buy the Alpine Mako right now if you’re serious about being on top of the food chain every time you enter a water body with your bow.

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SAS Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit

This bowfishing bow is one of the most flexible on the market. With a draw length spanning from 19”-29”, who says you have to be a Pro to be able to handle the best bowfishing equipment?

Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 32" Compound Bow (Black)

The Southland Archery Scorpii is compact with an axle-to-axle length of 32” and draw weight ranging from 30 lbs-55l bs.

Owning this model bow allows you and everyone in your household interested in fishing with bows to take advantage of the huge flexibility it offers.

In fact, the Scorpii can be perfect for fishermen of all skill levels, shapes, and body sizes.

It is extremely easy to set up once it arrives at your home.

The only downside is that this compound bowfishing bow doesn’t come with a detailed instruction manual.

Don’t hesitate to order the SAS Scorpii if you’re desperate for high performance and highly flexible compound bowfishing bow.

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PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit

The PSE Kingfisher is one of the highest-selling bowfishing kits on the market right now.

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit, 45-Pound, Camo

It comes in an attractive, All-Season Camo finish which makes shooting a delight. The 45-pound draw weight is also easy for many bowfishermen to handle.

This kit comes ready to hunt and includes all the extras you need to catch your first fish including 50feet of 80lb testing line and a front mounting reel.

A 31-inch arrow with point manufactured from solid fiberglass and an innovatively designed arrow rest made from top-grade aluminum with stainless steel parts are additional gear that ship with this kit.

The only downside is that this bow is designed for right-handed shooters only.

The PSE Kingfisher is a must-have bowfishing bow if you’re looking for a durable hard-shooter that is easy on your wallet.

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Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow

This bowfishing bow is engineered with a Take-Down design measuring 56 inches long with a peak draw weight of 45lbs.

Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow Set Includes Drum Reel with Line, Roller Rest, Arrow with Piranha Point, and Blister Buster Finger Pads

The Cajun Fish Take-Down Bowfishing Bow is suitable for avid fishermen and complete beginners alike because it shoots great and feels awesome in the hand.

Firstly, the Take-Down design makes it easy to stick arrows to all kinds of target fish in water including Big Commons, Paddle Fish, and Gator Gar consistently.

The construction is top-notch and features a world-class aluminum riser with composite limbs designed to withstand regular abuse.

Also, the fact that the Stick Take-Down is easy to set up gives it a huge advantage over other models.

The Cajun Fish Stick is the perfect bowfishing bow to order if you intend to dole out a lot of abuse to your bow by fishing for longer hours on a regular basis.

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PSE Discovery Bowfishing Muzzy kit

The PSE Discovery Bowfishing Muzzy Kit is back after popular demand. It is an all round quality bow designed to let you rediscover your love for bowfishing.

PSE Discovery Bowfishing package Muzzy kit

This compound bowfishing bow is available in a compact and lightweight design that is easy to handle.

The built-in draw weight of 40 lbs is amazing, giving everyone from teens to ladies the opportunity to enjoy fishing with a bow.

This model is stylish and gives you the ability to reel in the big ones on a budget thanks to its economical price tag.

The Discovery ships with an arrow, arrow rest, reel, and other accessories required for your first bowfishing expedition without any issues.

Looking for a great compound bowfishing bow on a budget? You’ve just found it in the PSE Discovery Muzzy Kit.

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AMSBowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit

The AMSBowfishing Water Moc is a great beginner recurve bow for fishing.

AMSBowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit

It is designed from the ground up for bowfishing which means it has all the necessary features and physical properties to withstand a higher level of abuse.

Putting it together is stress-free and easy for everyone with the slightest shred of mechanical ability.

Additionally, it is extremely lightweight which can make it much easier to handle even if you plan to shoot fish all day.

The accuracy of this recurve bowfishing bow is impressive which can literally change your luck overnight if you’ve been struggling to make any meaningful catch in the past.

The AMS Water Moc is the best-buy bowfishing bow for a beginner looking to hone his or her instinctive shooting skills in the water.

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PSE Kingfisher Recurve Takedown Bow

This bowfishing bow is a nicely-built and sharp-shooting model designed with the needs of newer bowfishermen in mind.


RH Beginner Bowfishing Packagae w/ PSE Kingfisher Recurve Takedown Bow, 50 pounds

The pull weight is an impressive 28 lbs which makes it easy for kids and senior citizens to join in the adventure associated with shooting fish with a bow.

Whether you plan to shoot carp or gator gar, this model can be a reliable partner in the quest to have dominion over fish in the water.

The Take-Down design means this bow can be easily stored in your truck long-term which can come in handy if you’re a spontaneous bowfisherman.

The package ships with a roller-style arrow rest and gray-colored bowfishing drum reel made from durable plastic material as well as a fishing arrow with safety slide manufactured from fiberglass and a Shure Top Tip.

This means you get every piece of equipment required for a successful bowfishing trip.

If you’re looking for the ultimate bowfishing bow package for a beginner, the RH Beginner Package with Kingfisher Recurve Takedown Bow is just what you need.

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Final Thoughts

After going through our comprehensive buying guide and bow reviews above, it is pretty clear that the Alpine Mako is the best bowfishing bow on the market at this point in time.

The rotating draw length of 23-29 inches makes it easy to maneuver for virtually everyone regardless of your physical stature while the 50lb draw weight is also quite trouble-free to pull while putting a lot of speed on your arrow flight time.

The result is an amazing bow which is easy to handle and shoots with superb accuracy. What reason can you have for passing up on this great bowfishing bow?


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