Best Bow Stabilizer for Archers 2020

An archer with a mounted bow stabilizer

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best bow stabilizer, then the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is the best one.

A bow stabilizer is increasingly becoming influential to the success stories of many bowhunters. These accessories are designed to balance the bow’s weight, reduce vibrations, and enhance noise dampening.

After discovering the amazing functionalities of bow stabilizers, it is only right that you’re looking at getting one.

So, what is the best bow stabilizer to purchase right now? The truth is there is a wide range of stabilizer styles available to choose from.

Depending on your bow setup and personal preferences, one style may be more suitable than the other.

Keep reading as we expand on the necessary factors to consider during your search so you can discover the perfect one for your use.

The good news is that our bow stabilizer reviews feature the top models worth buying right now so feel free to go through them to help you make the right choice.

What is A Bow Stabilizer?

Whether you’re hunting or simply shooting arrows for practice or fun, bow vibration is one of the most common issues which can derail your shot accuracy.

This vibration can also lead to significant levels of noise which may become detrimental to your success in so many ways.

A bow stabilizer significantly minimizes vibration and noise associated with shooting an arrow.

So if this popular archery accessory is designed for vibration dampening and noise reduction, why is it called a bow stabilizer?

Well, the truth is a stabilizer also keeps your hunting bow steady, ensuring little to no movements during shooting.

The right stabilizer can have a significant influence on the accuracy of shots because they also provide even balance for every area of your bow.

Coupled with vibration reduction and noise dampening functions, a bow stabilizer allows you to shoot as well as you can with minimal interference from external forces.

Who Needs A Bow Stabilizer?

The debate over whether you need to get a stabilizer or not doesn’t seem like it is coming to an end anytime soon.

The truth is if your primary use of a bow is target shooting then a bow stabilizer probably won’t do you a lot of good and could be a waste of money.

However, if you hunt regularly or plan to in the not too distant future, a bow stabilizer is one of the most vital accessories you can invest in.

Maintaining the element of surprise is one of the most critical elements of archery success. When a big whitetail has just popped up 25 yards from your current position in the woods, you’d want to aim and shoot it quietly.

However, bows traditionally vibrate and make loud noises with every shot. Without a stabilizer, there’s a higher chance of that whitetail being spooked by the bowstring noise and taking to its heels even before the arrow leaves your bow.

Buying the right bow stabilizer allows you to shoot as quietly as possible. This can guarantee more kills from each hunting adventure.


Most bow stabilizers are manufactured from a mix of aluminum, carbon fiber, and rubber. They typically come in innovative designs aimed at making bows steadier and even more balanced in terms of weight.

Make sure any model you purchase comes with durable construction. You wouldn’t want to shell out on a stabilizer that is too flimsy to have any defining impact on the weight distribution or noise dampening of your bow.


The length is an important factor in the search for the right bow stabilizer. However, your target length will depend on the type as well as the dimensions of your bow.

Also, the stabilizer length requirements of an archer who only practices with his bow will be significantly different from another who’s an avid hunter.

Most shooters engaged primarily in target practice have a preference for stabilizers with longer lengths.

Lengthier stabilizers deliver more stability, precision, and accuracy, which are vital qualities you need every time you hit the practice range.

Unfortunately, the sizable length can get in the way when you’re mobile and since bowhunting requires consistent movement, these models are not recommended.

A short bow stabilizer is essentially the way to go during hunting.

The downside is the shorter length equates to decreased force, shock, vibration and of course, noise.


What is the ideal weight of bow stabilizer for you? Weight is another important aspect of the stabilizer shopping process.

Therefore, getting it wrong can lead to so many repercussions.

The stabilizer you purchase should have just the right amount of weight to balance your bow. Anything excessive can make it more difficult for you to hold the bow and thereby decrease your shooting accuracy.

On the other hand, if your stabilizer’s weight ends up being too light for the bow, the vibration produced can end up becoming more pronounced. This usually leads to even more noise.

To hit your prey dead-on, you’d want a bow that is as steady as possible. The best bow stabilizers are designed to have more weight at the rear end from the bow, to equalize the weight.

Always stay away from bow stabilizers which weigh too heavy because they end up creating even more problems for you in terms of shooting accuracy and balance.

Vibration and Noise Dampening

What is the use of a bow stabilizer if it cannot reduce vibration and minimize noise?

Every time you release an arrow towards a target, the bow vibrates. This is as a result of the energy created by the bowstring’s tension whenever you fully or partially draw the bow backward.

Once the arrow is released, this built-up energy is freed around the arm-guard area, resulting in significant vibrations.

The good news is that the best bow stabilizers are designed to reduce these vibrations.

They work by absorbing some of the energy which accumulates when your arrow is drawn backward. This ensures minimal vibration and therefore, significant noise reduction.

We’re all aware that most of the animals we hunt have superior hearing capabilities compared to humans. Therefore, a bowstring that delivers significantly low vibration with its resultant noise reduction can only serve you well as a hunter.


Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

This bow stabilizer continues to wow critics while receiving the highest plaudits from some of the most skilled archers around the world.

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 6 in. Realtree Xtra

It is designed to make your life easier on the practice range or hunting grounds.

Firstly, it sports a quality rubber coating that helps absorb bow vibration and stabilizes the bow so you can draw and shoot with maximum accuracy.

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer also enhances the archer’s hold on the target, ensuring that you can hit shots which are clean and ethical.

If you’ve been facing issues with the balance in your bow, you can confidently kiss that problem goodbye because this stabilizer creates amazing balance to enhance the user’s shooting.

Seriously, if you want the best bow stabilizer on the market, buying the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer can be a smart decision.

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SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

The SAS Archery Stabilizer is constructed to bring vibration to the barest minimum during shooting.

SAS Archery 5-inch Aluminum Bow Stabilizer (Black, 8-inch)

This is achieved by the manufacturer’s integration of world-class Extreme Vibration Dampening Technology.

Available in a Precision Aluminum finish, this bow ends up beating the expectations of many archers due to its high-grade performance.

It comes in 3 different sizes so you get the chance to choose the right one based on the type and model of bow you own.

This bow stabilizer is portable enough to carry to the hunting field to shoot for long periods.

The SAS Archery Stabilizer is recommended if you’re looking for a cool-looking bow stabilizer that leaves a great impression with its performance every time you shoot.

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NAP Black Apache Stabilizer

Tired of the noisy vibrations from your bow spooking and driving away whitetail deer and other game deeper into the woods?

New Archery Products NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 5 Inch Stealth Dampening

The NAP Black Apache Stabilizer can transform hunting success in multiple ways.

It is easy to set up. You just have to screw it in and you’re ready to make that first shot.

And it does stabilize all kinds of bows very well.

The Black Apache features top-of-the-range components to snuff out vibration from bows and turn them into those silent killers we all crave.

Additionally, this stabilizer puts extra weight in front of the bow which reduces hand fatigue by easing the pressure on your wrist.

Don’t hesitate to order the NAP Black Apache Stabilizer if you know your compound or recurve bow could use additional stability.

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Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

From expert archers to intermediates and even newer shooters, everyone seems to grow fond of this bow stabilizer.

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer, Black, 8"

So what is the secret behind the Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme Stabilizer?

Firstly, it is crafted to help you make every single shot count. Because sometimes, one shot is all you ever get.

Packing a wide range of the latest in stabilization technology, many shooters say they’re amazed by the amount of stability this model brings to their shooting game.

Additionally, this stabilizer reduces shot-induced vibration significantly, ensuring that the element of surprise can always be exploited during hunting to hit targets when they least expect.

If you’re looking for a bow stabilizer that can be customized to meet the optimum balance requirements of your bow, the Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme Stabilizer is just for you.

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LimbSaver Windjammer Bow Stabilizer

This bow stabilizer is manufactured from a 7-inch tube of machined aircraft-grade aluminum.

LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer, Next G1 Vista with Red

Thus, it is one of the most durable models on the market at the moment and the fact that it thrives in the harshest weather conditions and environments is another huge advantage.

The Limbsaver’s aluminum exterior is augmented with 5-star noise and vibration control material and further enhanced by a vibration-reducing end node.

Therefore, you can expect a significantly fluid and quiet draw with every shot.

Additionally, it adds just the right amount of weight to make the bow steadier without weighing it down.

The Windjammer is also quick and easy to install even for novice archers. Just read and follow the detailed instructions in the manufacturer’s manual and you’re good to go.

The Limbsaver Windjammer Bow Stabilizer is a favorite among some of the most dedicated archers worldwide so you can buy it with a lot of confidence.

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LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches

This bow stabilizer comes in a super lightweight design with a continuous spiral finish.

LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo

Unwanted noise and vibration are completely eliminated by Limbsaver’s renowned Noise and Vibration Management System.

In addition, the coiled design also works by itself to provide more surface area for increased noise dampening and a more fluid feel.

The S-Coil also creates the right balance for your bow. This prevents it from falling back on you every time an arrow is released.

This good looking stabilizer can also make you look cool whether you’re in the practice range or out there on a hunt.

The Limbsaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer is a great purchase for any archer who’s desperate to reduce bow jump and increase shooting accuracy.

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Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro New Generation Stabilizer

The Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro is designed specifically to meet the needs of recurve bow owners.

Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro New Generation Stabilizer, 26-Inch

This stabilizer is surprisingly affordable in spite of the fact that it is exceptionally made with a plethora of amazing features and functionality.

One of the most outstanding benefits of this model is the length stabilizer which really slows down the accidental movement of the bow. This makes pin float more stress-free and improves its predictability.

Vibration dampening is much more effective, thanks to the lightweight rod which pushes the majority of its weight to the far end where the rubber section is found.

The only downside is that some archers find it too flexible.

If you’re in the market for an affordable bow stabilizer to make your shots steadier, the Cartel Doosung can serve your needs very well.

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Final Thoughts

If you or someone you love has recently developed an interest in bowhunting, it is important to ensure the bow setup and other shooting conditions are optimized to achieve the most accurate shots.

Loud vibrations and excessive noise can scare off lots of prey within your shooting radius when hunting in the woods. This can result in the majority of these animals retreating further into the woods and making it difficult to hunt them successfully.

A good bow stabilizer can reduce bow vibrations and noise significantly. Fortunately, each of the bow stabilizers we reviewed here has lots of great features which can be very beneficial to the dedicated hunter.

However, the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is the one that has really grabbed our attention.

We really liked the additional weight and balance offered by the 2 customizable weights which ship as part of the package and most current owners agreed as evidenced by the tons of independent reviews found online.

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