Best Arrows For Recurve Bow 2019

wooden recurve bow arrows with feathers in full view

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best arrows for recurve bow, the Feather Fletched  XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows is the best one.

Getting the right arrows for recurve bows involves more than taking out your credit card to place an order.

It is critical that you’re aware of the several types on the market as well as your personal circumstances such as preferred arrow length, arrow weight, and the purpose for which you’re looking for these arrows.

Once sufficiently informed of the critical factors stated above, you’re all set to find the best arrows for recurve bows.

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Benefits of Choosing the Right Arrows

Many of us developed an interest in archery through books and movies. So, why do you have to worry about getting the right arrows when any model out there seems like it can get the job done?

Well, all arrows are not the same and often, choosing a model that lacks precision and safety can lead to disastrous results even when shot from the best bow in the world.

A strong arrow comes with a spot-on flight projectile which ensures that it lands on designated targets dead-on.

A weaker model flies waywardly and misses more targets than it can land. If you choose an arrow that is too heavy then you should know that its ability to travel long distances during flight can be severely hampered.

In fact, the flight mode can be so slow that the arrow will probably not be able to travel the necessary distance to even reach the target, let alone land on it.

How to Choose the Best Arrows for Recurve Bows

There are several qualities to be on the lookout for when shopping for the best arrows for recurve bows. A few of these qualities include:

Arrow Spine

How do you choose arrows with optimum flight performance? Well, this is where the Arrow Spine comes in.

The Spine is simply defined as the stiffness of an arrow. Buying a model that gets this specification right can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Arrows with inadequate spine usually wobble during flight and eventually misses targets while those with excessive arrow spine struggle to even fly longer distances.


Arrow Length

How long should arrows for recurve bows be? If this question has been lingering on your mind, you’re not alone. Well, the ideal arrow length can be calculated by adding an inch or 2 to your draw length.

For instance, the best arrow length for an archer with a draw length of 26 inches is 27-28 inches.

Arrow Weight

How heavy should arrows for recurve bows be? Arrow weight is measured in grains and finding the right arrow weight can be a bit tricky.

The heavier the arrow, the less its flight speed and vice versa. If you’re engaged in long-range shooting for instance, then you may have no option than to choose heavy arrows.

On the other hand, short-range hunting doesn’t have too much speed requirements which means a heavier arrow may be more suitable.

Arrow Material

Recurve bow arrows are made with a wide range of materials including wood, aluminum, Carbon, Fiberglass, and Composite materials. Let’s take a look at what each material has to offer to help you make a smart choice.

Wooden Recurve Bow Arrows

Archers who rely on old school wooden recurve bows and longbows have an insatiable preference for wooden arrows. If you decide to choose one of these, make sure it is manufactured from quality wood such as cedar.

Wooden recurve bow arrows have become so popular because they’re affordable and built with lots of beginner-friendly features.

Unfortunately, these arrows are saddled with a wide range of drawbacks including the tendency to break easily as well as inconsistent performances due to the unstable nature of wood.

Their brittle nature also makes them unsuitable for use with powerful recurve bows.

While many DIY archers are able to make these arrows at home, the process can be very cumbersome and time wasting.

Aluminum Arrows

Before the introduction of Carbon Arrows on the market, Aluminum used to be the king of the pack.

They’re naturally lightweight which makes them perfect for consistent shooting. No wonder most target archers have a preference for these arrows. These recurve bow arrows are also strong and perfect for repeated use.

This is why many archers rely on these models for target practice.

Aluminum arrows are quite affordable and provide great value for money especially when its precision is weighed against the selling price tags.

They’re stronger than wood and fiberglass rivals and most manufacturers provide custom models for consumers. Just be sure of your preferred length, weight, and spine specifications before making a custom order.

Aluminum recurve arrows are perfect for compound bows as well. They come with a uniform design and impressive straightness factors.

Additionally, they’re perfect for bowhunting due to their quiet flight as well as enhanced precision.

The only downside is that they can bend easily upon contact with other hard objects.

Carbon Arrows

Carbon recurve bow arrows are the undisputed champions of the archery industry at the moment. They come with loads of positives including the ability to fly with laser speeds due to their natural lightweights.

Flight performance is extremely consistent while the ability to hit targets dead-on is unmatched.

Archers are able to order custom models with their preferred specifications.

The most obvious drawback is the cost, which can be quite high when compared with arrows made from wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Fiberglass Arrows

Fiberglass arrows have had their time in the limelight in the past. They used to be synonyms with arrow quality some time ago. It remains the material of choice for bowfishing enthusiasts and target shooters.

They’re renowned for their heavyweight designs which severely limits their ability to hit top speeds during flight.

Their advantages are numerous including better durability when compared to wooden arrows as well as consistent straightness and decent penetration power.

Arrows derived from fiberglass can also be extremely versatile in terms of the types of bows they can be used with and feature easy-to-replace feathers and nocks.

If a long lasting effect is the most important feature for you then you should definitely order fiberglass arrows.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks associated with shooting this type of arrows.

Firstly, their rigid and brittle nature makes breakage easy upon contact with stronger materials and high impact. Their heavyweights also make them unsuitable for long range hunting.

Additionally, fiberglass arrows are susceptible to splintering and feature the heaviest shafts.

Composite Arrows

These recurve bow arrow types are designed with the needs of competitive shooters in mind. Composite arrows are constructed with aluminum and wrapped with carbon fiber to give shooters the best of both worlds: The super quick speeds of aluminum arrows with the durability of carbon sheets.

These arrows are therefore perfect for hitting long range targets with impeccable precision.

Splintering is rare and they tend to be extremely durable overall. Additionally, these arrows are the straightest on the market and come with perfect spines.

The main downside is that they can be quite expensive which makes them unnecessary unless you’re engaged in competitive shooting.

Feather Fletched  XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows

The Feather Fletched Easton XX75 is a 6-pack aluminum arrow designed to hit consistent groups with recurve bows.

Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows 6-pack 28 1716

It is engineered with Trueflight parabolic feathers embedded with right-wing helical offsets to ensure optimal spinning of the shaft during flight. This guarantees that your arrows only end up hitting your intended targets with maximum effect.

They’re well constructed with durable materials by a manufacturer known for the quality of its products. Therefore, these aluminum recurve bow arrows provide great value for money.

If you’ve been running through lots of cheap, inferior models in the past, this model can boost your performance.

In fact, it is consistent and easy to shoot by everyone regardless of skill level.

These arrows also look very stunning physically, which makes them much sought after by lady archers.

If you’re committed to finding the best arrows for recurve bows, congratulations are in order because the Feather Fletched Easton XX75 is the one.

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Huntingdoor Wooden Arrows 

These wooden shaft arrows are another top draw for archers with any kind of recurve bow featuring a draw weight ranging from 40 to 60 lbs.

Huntingdoor Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows with A-803 Arrowhead 150grain (Black)

The Huntingdoor 6 PCS Turkey Feather Arrowhead comes in a wooden component with metal arrowhead and 3 black feathers.

These recurve arrows are crafted for bows with draw weights ranging from 40-60 lbs. Each arrow measures 31 inches long with a shaft diameter of 5/16 inches.

The arrows are shipped completely fletched, nocked, and ready to shoot. Whether you’re looking for the right arrows to target shoot or hunt with a recurve bow, this model has everything required to rise up to the occasion.

In addition to recurve bows, these handmade wooden arrows are also perfect for traditional longbows.

The Huntingdoor 6 PCS Turkey Feather Arrowhead is recommended for archers shopping for the best wooden arrows for standard recurves and longbows.

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Gold Tip Traditional Arrows 

The Gold Tip Traditional Arrows with 4-inch Feathers is an iconic model in the industry from a brand renowned for infusing some of the greatest advancements in arrow technology.

Gold Tip Traditional Arrows with 4-Inch Feathers (Pack of 6), Brown, 600

It comes in an all-carbon design with wood grain finish to meet the needs of even the most skilled traditional archers.

These arrows are extremely accurate thanks to its straightness tolerance of 0.0006 inches. Archers get to choose from 4 different spine sizes i.e. 340, 400, 500, and 600.

Their ability to handle a wide range of common rookie mistakes without affecting performance makes it a perfect option for beginner archers.

This makes these arrows the best option for beginner and intermediate traditional archers.

They come in an attractive Brown color that makes hunting with your bow much more attractive.

Buy the Gold Tip Traditional Arrows with 4-inch Feathers without delay if you’re looking for premium recurve bow arrows which cost about $20 less than comparable rivals.

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Misayar Carbon Arrow 

The Misayar 30-inch Carbon Arrows has finally debunked the notion that you have to break the bank to land a top carbon arrow. They provide excellent penetration and shooting accuracy especially when matched with 100-grain broadheads.

Misayar 12 Pcs 30 Inch Carbon Arrow Fletched 3 Inch Vane with Field Points for Recurve Compound Bow Targeting or Hunting (Pack of 12)

These arrows come with standard 3-inch vanes and inserted nocks so you can start shooting immediately the package arrives at your doorstep. This 12-pack bundle also ships with removable tips for broadheads as well as target points and flexible nocks.

Each arrow comes with a shaft measuring 30 inches with a diameter of 7.8mm. With a spine of 400, it is no secret that they’re quite heavy.

It is suitable for hunting and target practice as well. Additionally, it is perfect for beginners and intermediate shooters with limited skills.

If you’ve been scouting for an affordably priced carbon arrows for recurve bows without success, the Misayar 30-inch Carbon Arrows can be a lifesaver.

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Shiny Black Premium Wood Arrows 

This is another option in the arrow market for recurve bows and other traditional-style bows.

12 Shiny Black Handsome, Premium Wood Arrows with Turkey Feathers & Stainless Steel Field Points -- for Recurve, Compound, or Long Bow. 32 Inches

The Shiny Black Premium Wood Arrows is manufactured from the finest hardwood with exceptional craftsmanship and finish.

This 12-arrow package ships with each arrow nocked, fletched and inserted with a 125-grain stainless steel field point. Additionally, the arrows are pre-cut and shipped ready to shoot.

These wooden recurve bow arrows are perfect for not just target practice but hunting as well. Each piece is handcrafted to guarantee maximum performance and thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

They fly pretty well too so you should be able to hit targets with greater consistency.

These wooden arrows measure 32 inches long which is perfect for not just recurves but compounds and traditional longbows as well.

If you’re searching for quality arrows for recurve bows suitable for short range practice, the Shiny Black Premium Wood Arrows should definitely be considered.

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M.A.K Carbon Hunting Arrows 

The M.AK 30-inch Arrows are well constructed to guarantee solid performances every single time.

M.A.K [Targeting Arrows 30-Inch 0.309 inch Outer Diameter Carbon Outdoor Archery Practice Hunting Arrows with Removable Tips for Compound & Recuve Bow(Pack of 12)

The high-tech carbon construction is used by the manufacturer to guarantee enhanced durability and extended target practice.

This innovative construction integrates dynamic spine in an advanced formula that improves the flying ability of broadheads and delivers more shooting consistency.

These carbon hunting arrows deliver pure precision and crafted for bows with draw weights ranging from 40-60 lbs.

Once shot, these recurve bow arrows fly in the desired path thanks to the built-in plastic fletching. Additionally, the integration of nickel-plated stainless steel tips enhances the ability to hit and penetrate targets with maximum effect.

The package comes with adjustable nocks which are unglued and hence, can be adjusted to suit the needs of your bow.

The M.AK 30-inch Arrows is a sure bet if you’re looking for the straightest recurve bow arrows that offer maximum performance and available at an affordable price.

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Huntingdoor Fiberglass Target Arrows 

The Huntingdor Black 32-inch Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows can be a great partner if you want a top-notch fiberglass-derived model for shooting practice in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

Huntingdoor Black 32" Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows with Replacement Screw-In Target Practice Point for Recurve and Compound Bow-12Pack

The unique fiberglass construction adopted extends the lifetime of these arrows and ensures continuous practice for long periods of time without any dip in performances.

These arrows are versatile and perfect for not just recurve bows but compound bows and traditional longbows as well.

They’re designed with a host of beginner-friendly features including a rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tip, colored plastic fletching, and nock.

Additionally, the Huntingdor recurve bow arrows provide low hand shock and fly with great speeds.

If you’ve been searching for the best fiberglass arrows for recurve bows available at a generous price, the Huntingdor Black 32-inch Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows should be top of your list.

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Final Thoughts

The Feather Fletched Easton XX75 is our number pick for the best arrows for recurve bow. They’re designed for bows with draw weights ranging from 15-50 lbs.

These arrows are excellent, to say the least and the speed of delivery after the order is extremely impressive. They ship with everything you need to start shooting straight away including adequate fletching, steel tips, and replaceable plastic nocks.

They’re manufactured by Easton, a brand that has become synonymous with quality in the archery industry.


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