Hi there, my name is Charlie and I’ve been hunting for close to 15 years now. Growing up in NYC, I only saw bow and arrows on TV until I set-off for college in West Virginia. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a roommate who was an avid bowhunter.

After joining him on my first bow hunt, I got hooked. Since then, hunting with a bow and arrow has become a way of life for me.

In my early bow hunting years, I only focused on getting the right bow and few arrows. However, since graduating 10 years ago, I have discovered that there’s a smarter and more responsible way to hunt.

By practicing regularly and using some of the latest gear in the industry, anyone can increase their level of accuracy.


My mission on the site is to reveal the latest hacks and tips to enable you hunt more comfortably and of course, responsibly.

How I Create Content

As Editor-in-Chief of this website, I’m responsible for planning and editing of all the content on this site to ensure we meet the highest standards of quality.

Most of the content here is written by me but there are a few times when I use freelance writers.

Even in such cases, the content gets my approval before it is published online.

I mostly rely on independent feedback from real customers of items in order to put together my reviews. I do get my hands on hunting gear in some cases but this is always not feasible.

As such, you can expect that all reviews here are completely independent and not influenced by brand sponsorship and/or third parties.

Why BowHacker?

There are several reasons why you should read BowHacker.

However, the main benefit is that you can significantly increase your hunting experience and make it more enjoyable.

You’ll find this website really addictive if you can identify with any of these statements.

  • You want to significantly increase your shooting accuracy
  • You want the best advice from real-life customers regarding hunting gear
  • You want to make clean ethical kills to minimize suffering for target game

I look forward to you continuing to read our guides, hacks, and reviews and becoming a valuable member of our community.